Thin Hair Revival

Hair thining also know as hairloss is loss of volume in the hair over a certain period of time, which is mostly caused by stress, hormones, hair dye, over-styling, depression and diet – but the root cause is commonly with the scalp health. Although hair thining is trigered by bad hormones or chemicals in the body due to stressors, but the overall deffect is mostly found in the hair folicles which make up the scalp. To prevent future hair loss or to revive hair from the demage life had brought it, the focus has to be on the scalp otherwise your hair will continue to get thiner and finer over time.

Moreso, chemicals from products used to style your hair can cause damage over time. Visiting your Trichologist – a hair and scalp specialist, is always a good idea but to be honesst, living a healthy balanced lifestyle is always the way out, because when you look at it, doctors are good but we should always look for a reason not to see the doctor. What do I mean? what I meant is that your 5 a day lifestyle will keep the doctor away.

So how can you prevent and revive hair thining?, experts have advised to increase the amount of protein in our diet which include, fish, meat, quinoa e.t.c. Morso, you can reboot your hair from the inside out by including iron-rich foods in your diet or take an iron supplement such as Florisene.

Choosing loose hair style is also a good way to maintain and prevent breakage, if your hair is thining out, avoid hair extentions, and updos. Letting your hair down and allowing it breathe will give your hair time to recover. Pulling your hair can cause strain to the hair follicles leading to traction alopecia.

Listening to your body rhythm is also adivised, because as we mature, post-menopausal can cause hypothyroidism and can lead to hair thining and dryness, it’s always adivised to see the doctor if you notice this condition.

Taking multivatimins is also a good way to prevent and revive hair thining, vitamin D for example is hard to find in everyday meal especially if you’re on the go person. So taking multivitamins will help to make up for what our diet couldn’t afford.

Trying laser phototherapy offers a lotion-free, pill-free method of improving hair structure and growth, with no side effects, scalp irritation or damage to hair structure. The Theradome LH80 Laser Helmet, £785 at Amazon, floods your scalp with photons to energise your hair follicles. Put this on for 15 minutes to 20 minutes every other day will help stimulates blood circulation in the hair folicles which allows the nutrients to be carried into the scalp then stronger, healthier, faster growing hair.

Keeping your fragile hair strong with the use of conditioners is another way of reviving your thin hair, conditioners are known for hydrating the hair especially the ones with good ingredients like glycerine and panthenol.

Finally, looking after your scalp as previously mentioned is the  key, with brigades of hair treatments in the market, they’re more than enough haircare products that can encourage your scalp to stay healthy and increase in growth. There are many excellent hair brands that have effective range of scalp specific products that are formulated to moisturise, soothe and keep your scalp hydrated. Some boast of plumping up individual hair strands while others protect your hair from heat and environmental stressors that can lead to thinning.

Here are few haircare products that are excellent for reviving thin hair:


Mediceuticals Follicle Revitalizer Leave In Spray 250ml


Follicle Revitalizer Leave In Spray 250ml

£43.13 at Amazon

Healthy Scalp Serum Hair Density Treatment – BeautyBio

Mediceuticals Advanced Hair Restoration Kit Women for Fine, Thinning Hair (3 Piece Box Set)


Advanced Hair Restoration Kit Women for Fine, Thinning Hair (3 Piece Box Set)

£55.63 at Amazon

Mediceuticals Hair Restoration Kit For Men - Fine, Thinning Hair


Hair Restoration Kit For Men – Fine, Thinning Hair

£55.63 at Amazon

Gro+ Advanced Hair Serum


Gro+ Advanced Hair Serum

$58.00 at Vegamour

Pur Beauty

Biotin Hair Growth Serum Advanced Topical Formula To Help Grow Healthy, Strong Hair Suitable for Men and Women of All Hair Types Hair Loss Support By Pureauty Naturals (Pack of 1)

£19.99 at Amazon

Grow Gorgeous

Growth Serum Intense 90ml

Ouidad Bye-Bye Breakage™ Strengthening + Thickening Scalp Serum - House of Curls



By Lola Joseph
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