2020 Black Friday Deals – Fashion & Beauty Edition

The time for those big discounts is here, the 2020 black friday deals where you can shop those products you’ve been coveting since early this year or less. This year’s shopping deals is a little different, instead of queuing up in store, you can do all your shopping and get all the bargains via online/virtual shopping. Which if you ask  me I will prefer with the covid crisis and its rules out there.

Thanks to God, brands and retailers have made these virtual online shopping easy, most importantly there are many quality products out there at a discounted price. This year,  Covet is covering the fashion, beauty and homeware steals. The good thing about this black friday deals is that you can shop all your gifts for the holidays ahead of Christmas or even treat yourself. From 15% discount to up to 70% discount, the bargain deals are endless.

Here are our the top online stores that are offering excellent discounts, happy shopping:







By Lola Joseph
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Image: Digital Trends