Tortoiseshell Manicures- New Nail Trend For Fall

The Tortoiseshell manicure has taking over our Instagram feeds and this is because it’s the new nail trend for fall’19. Tortoiseshell aren’t just for glasses, belts and shoes anymore, we are now adding them to our beauty trend. The standout pattern is very popular even in our clothes which can be paired with any colour..

Skin Fasting – The New Beauty Wellness

After vacationing, you’re probably back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Weather, you traveled to the tropical Island or headed to Paris for Summer, your skin needs to go on holiday too. It’s called skin fasting, where your skin can take a break from all the Vitamin C serums and hyaluronic acid products. The new and best.

Cara Delevine-esque Brow Type Tinting

The best way to get fuller and dramatic brows is by eyebrow tinting, which gives a trans-formative result. The use of pigmented brow gel is the best way to get your arches darker and more distinct. The process is simple and shouldn’t take more than 15 to 20 minutes. The process of tinting your eyebrows.

Melt Proof BB and CC Creams

If your BB and CC creams are making your oily skin worse with a sweaty mess during the hot days of summer, you have most likly picked the wrong ones. The Beauty Balm(BB) and Colour correcting(CC) creams work better than foundation creams during summer because they give beautiful coverage that doesn’t run and ruin your.

Swap Your Red Lipsticks For Summer Red Lip Glosses

Lip glosses come in handy when it’s time for summer barbeque, please don’t get me wrong, wearing a good red lipstick is to love whether it’s a true red, a more maroon shade or bright berry, red is always a go-to colour but in summer, we don’t always feel like rocking a full matte lip.

Neon For Your Summer Makeup

Neon makeup are trending everywhere, from your favorite runways to your IRLs. This risky electric hues are everything from eyeliner to lipstick and nail polish. The makeup trend was all over the Fall 2019 runways like Chromat  and Manish Arora. Wearing neon makeup can be a bit intimidating and risky, because you don’t want to.

How To Prevent A Makeup Meltdown In This Summer

Putting our makeup kits away should not be the  final solution to beating the dreaded makeup meltdown games in this summer. We can enjoy the summer sunshine  by choosing the right products and application methods and following the makeup expert advice.  We don’t have to worry about our eyeshadows and foundation meeting up if we.

Hairstyles To Show-off Your Baby Hairs

Baby Hairs are those little tiny hairs around our hairlines, they can either make your day or give you a bad hair day. When done right they can  give that youthful look to your hairstyles. Now taming them, with gel, brush or even getting rid of them like Kim Kardashian did(which she later regret), are.

No-Makeup, Makeup Look

How many of us know that undone brows are the key to a no-makeup makeup look, why? because less is definitely more. Eyebrows frame our features, and nowadays, there are tricks to making it more definitive, with the use of concealer, highlighter, brow gel and a few pencils, are the ideal ways to to get.

Sunscreens for Darker Complexions

When you go out this summer, it’s a good thing that you put on your sunscreens, but putting on the ones with ghastly residue is as worst as wearing a wrong foundation shade. In as much as we all need to protect our skin from the UVA rays(dark skinned or fair skinned), the ghostly white.