Best Body Washes And Moisturisers For The Summer Weather

To be honest, we spend so much on our face, from makeups to innovative skincare products that we almost ignore our body. So I decided to look into some great body washes and moisturisers that’re excellent for our body. These body washes and moisturisers are also excellent options for summer morning riturals, why? because they.

Scalp Toners

Taking care of our scalp not only improve our overall scalp heath, but scrubing it, detoxifying it, adding toners will also prevent face acne and many chemical build-ups. We all know that looking for key ingredients when it comes to haircare is important,  go for oils like coconut, olive, and sunflower, apple cider vinegar, aloe,.

10 Vegan Products To Shop At Urban Decay

It’s friday and we’re about to step into the weekend of pamper, laughs, night-outs and so on. While planing your weekend, why not put your makeup needs at the top of the list. These 10 recomended makeup treat are clean and safe because they’re vegan makeups. Vegan. means that a product does not contain any.

Try Micellar Water Products For Every Skincare Issues

Micellar water beauty products are those hybrid gentle beauty products that has the ability to get rid of dirts and grimes without leaving your skin dry and tight. Micellar beauty products are orignally from France which have now taken over the world, thanks to the special ingredient – the tiny molecules called micelles which does.

Caviar Infused Beauty Products – What’s The Hype?

I thought Caviar is a billionaire delicacies, if you know what I mean. When you hear caviar, you think of private planes, rolex wrist watches, the upper echelon of society. So, when I heard it’s in our beauty products, I had check it out. For those of us who didn’t what Caviar is, Caviar is.

11 Best Sea Salt Sprays For Beachy Waves

If you’re looking for ways to acheive a great  beachy waves this summer, you’ve come to the right place. Due to so many of these new sea salt sprays that’s flooded the market, it can be difficult to find the ones that won’t leave your hair a sticky mess and flat. That’s is where we.

5 Beauty Products To Buy From Sephora

As the new summer season is here, so will our beauty products changing, for example, new summer fragrances, new eyeshadow palettes, nail paints and so on. So our favorite editor has taken time to specially select a few must-have beauty products trending on sephora right now. Check them out below:

8 Hand Masks To Keep Your Hands Supple

The options out there for skincare routines are endless. The cosmetic industry has masks for almost every part of your body, from boobs to butts, lips, hands and faces. Our hands get dry mostly during the winter weather season, but thanks tto the current global pandemic that’s got everyone washing there hands more than ever..

Summer In A Bottle Beauty Product

When we talk about summer in a bottle beauty product, we’re talking  about coconut and its forms. Coconut is a nourishing wonderfruit that’s loaded with antioxidants and many have incorporated it into their foods, wellness rituals and beauty routine. The coconut scent in summer speaks all things tropical beach, which is why coconut in our.

Must Have Skincare Products For Deserted Island

If you’ve been a regular reader of our blog posts here at COVET, you’ll know we have multistep skincare routine, from essence products to anti-oxidant products and we can’t afford not to have them. Ask me why? I will say because we’ve worked so hard not give our skin the pamper it deserves. Now, when.