How To Prevent A Makeup Meltdown In This Summer

Putting our makeup kits away should not be the  final solution to beating the dreaded makeup meltdown games in this summer. We can enjoy the summer sunshine  by choosing the right products and application methods and following the makeup expert advice.  We don’t have to worry about our eyeshadows and foundation meeting up if we.

Hairstyles To Show-off Your Baby Hairs

Baby Hairs are those little tiny hairs around our hairlines, they can either make your day or give you a bad hair day. When done right they can  give that youthful look to your hairstyles. Now taming them, with gel, brush or even getting rid of them like Kim Kardashian did(which she later regret), are.

No-Makeup, Makeup Look

How many of us know that undone brows are the key to a no-makeup makeup look, why? because less is definitely more. Eyebrows frame our features, and nowadays, there are tricks to making it more definitive, with the use of concealer, highlighter, brow gel and a few pencils, are the ideal ways to to get.

Sunscreens for Darker Complexions

When you go out this summer, it’s a good thing that you put on your sunscreens, but putting on the ones with ghastly residue is as worst as wearing a wrong foundation shade. In as much as we all need to protect our skin from the UVA rays(dark skinned or fair skinned), the ghostly white.

Beauty Products Worth Saving Up For

Splurging on beauty products is a necessity  when we don’t know where the cheaper and quality options are. Now that there are plenty affordable beauty products out there, some beauty products are actually worth investing on. They are worth spending on because of their active ingredients and they’re are carefully formulated without leaving out any.

Beauty Brands That Deliver Good Results For Less

Going to Ulta beauty or Sephora can be a mundane task despite the fact that they are online stores, because there are so many beauty products to choose from with high price tags. Cleansers nowadays cost nothing less than $80 and over $150 for a good face cream. Yes, we like to offer the best.

The Best Eyelash Growth Serums

You might be suffering from short eyelashes and you’ve been to the doctor to get Latisse to help grow your lashes. There are now over the counter solutions that don’t require an appointment to the doctors. Like me, you can be skeptical about another gimmick being sold to those trying to beautify themselves. Well you.

15 Travel Beauty Products for Your Vacay

When traveling, your best bet is to travel with little gems in a pack that goes a long way. If your vecay is for work or play, a few key beauty products are all you need to look radiant at your destination. You don’t need to overpack to continue with your beauty routine, a few.

Tropical Punch For Your Skincare Routine

When it comes to beauty routine, fruits are no stranger. I still saw avocados mixed with olive oil and Greek yogurt used for pedicure not mask as we know. There are treats out there that are coming out when it comes to pampering yourself and it cost less to nothing. From oranges to watermelons, and.

Bold Eyeliner Trend

Fierce colourful and out of the box eyeliner is what our favourite Instagram influencers are wearing from spring to summer. If you’re looking for runway approved looks, then familiarise your self with the coloured eyeliner trend and go bold while doing it. The way to go about it is to try everything – go funky,.