About Us

Covet is one of the most prestigious fashion magazines which was birthed from Covet Publications. It is known as the world of fashion fantasies. Our slogan We COVET…is envisioned from the lifestyle of a fashionista. The magazine is trendy and sets trend.

The magazine was birthed in 2018 and we believe that the sky and beyond is the limit. We provide complete entertainment, fashion and lifestyle magazine covering many topics including fashion, beauty, culture, arts, wellbeing, living, and runway.

Our planned yearly charity gala will donate and support the less privilege, empower women, promote recycling and feed the poor. Covet is about its relevance in the society i.e. the lives it’s going to change by feeding the poor, providing jobs for graduates and work experiences for under-graduates, breaking the barriers of racial exclusion and many more.

We plan to distribute our magazines all over the world starting from Africa, United Kingdom, United States, Europe and Asia.

Covet magazine is about quality, reality, and beauty.