The Hits Of London Fashion Week – SS’20

During the London Fashion Week 2019, the fashion pack soaked up the brand new Spring 2020 collections. From Erdem staging an “elevated and expansive” collection in the gardens at Gray’s Inn to Margaret Howell going minimalist with her signature white catwalk, this season across the pond has been one to remember. There were more hits.

Denim For Short & Tall Women – Denim Week

It’s denim week, so we’ve decided to scout for best denim for both short and tall women. You can now kiss your scissors goodbye because these found jeans are in the perfect length. Shopping for denim can be easy for those who are between the height of 5’4″ and 5’7″ but very daunting for those.

Mary Janes With Modern Retake

Everything is coming in retro nowadays, from anklets to frame bags and now a retake of the popular ‘Mary Janes’ shoes. Mary Janes are single strap also known as bar shoes or “doll shoes” . This classic silhouette shoes have managed to stay current thorough out the years, may be it’s due to its versatility and the retro.

Bucket Bags Are The New Accessories

Bucket hats aren’t the only accessories we’ll be carrying this summer, Bucket bags are the new bucket themed accessories making waves, they are a must have for our summer wardrobes, from Ula Johnson to Staud to Prada it’s a band wagon everyone is jumped on. The common characteristics of this accessory trend is that they’re.

Stylish Sculptural Heel Shoes

Walking in those architectural heels doesn’t have to be painful, getting the right ones will step up your style. When it comes to comfort, the first thing that comes to mind is sneakers, but you can elevate your style wearing sculptural heels. Although, they are tricky to walk in from the YSL logo stilettos heels.

Hands Free Bracelet Bags

Bracelet bags are the little bags we carry like a wristlets but not just a typical wristlets – they are bigger than micro bags and can carry all your essentials, like phone, money travel size makeup  and keys. In the era of shrinking bags like micro bags and belt bags, the smaller the trendier. We.

Orange Bags That’ll Carry You From Summer To Fall

We’re no longer seeing orange as a typical colour shade for fall anymore, but also a summer juicy orange hue perfect for the heat. These hue of orange bags are are great way to add a pop of colour into your style, they’ll not only last a summer long but you can carry them through.

The One Shoulder Strategy

The one-shoulder trend is a fashion trend that was brought back from the early 2000s style. Like we know, that fashion is like history that repeats itself, we’ve seen the 70s style wide bottom jeans now in trend, 80s metallic skirts, velvets, and so on. It’s now time to join the one- shoulder trend gang,.

Trade In Your Shorts for Skorts This Season

Short skirt style use to be the favourites on tennis court because of it’s ease in mobility with touch of style, well you don’t have to be stock in the Wimbledon court to showoff your short/skirt anymore. The ’90s’ style is back in 2019, I remembered it as every cool girl hybrids, is now back.

Safari Jacket For Inbetween Weather

The safari jackets are known from it’s military roots in the fifties which has now being fast forwarded to 2019. It was a badass sense of style for icons back in the days. It is a genuine style staple, and one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own. When it comes to.