4 Swimsuit Trends To Shop Now

Be the best dressed at the beach as we ease back into our normal summer routines. We are full of energy now that the lockdown is over and we definitely must find where to channel this energy -Swimming. That’s why it’s very important for us to find that warm weather friendly pieces that does not.

Stylish Flip Flop Ideas

The new trend for summer is out and it’s the stylish flip-flops. Gone are the days of grandpa sneakers, the new way to have fun with our styles this summer is with the surprisingly airy, light weight flip-flops. They can be worn anywhere, from running errands to a brunch party with friends and family. There.

Oversized Tote Bag – New Summer Go To

Covet edits the new trending-now bags – Oversized tote bags. The oversized tote bags are now the practical accessories we can carry of through summer this year, not only are they good for our hot days picnics and carried while away on holiday if you’re able to travel anywhere this year, they are also stylish..

Lace-Up Sandal Trend

It is undoubtedly true that lace up sandals are both chic and flattering. The summer season is here and obviously as we begin to trade our sweaters to tanks and change our trousers/pants to shorts and all things that bare legs. Don’t let us forget about our shoes, this season we’re trading our combat boots.

At Home Glam -The Loungewear Staple

Lounge-wear is the trend of the season, we’ve worked it into our street-style looks where pyjamas(silky shirts and matching pants) and robes can now be incorporated into our style inside and outside our homes. There’s another comfy wear that’s an everyday classic now, we are talking about pyjamas shorts. Thanks to the current pandemic and.

Brighten Up Your Summer Looks With The Citrus Shades

The new colour trend of the season is citrus, these beautiful eye-catching colour shades are a must have for any wardrope. Citrus are delicious in taste and their colours are also great for summer styling. From pink grapefruit, to lemon and lime, citrus shades are the new colour trend for this warm time of the.

Dreamy Pastel Shoes For The Season

As the season changes, so are our styles. The soft pastel shades are the best colour to transition into when the spring summer approaches. The spring pastels are quintessential choice as the flower and sunshine blooms. This season is the best time to break into pale lavender, millennial pink, cheery yellow, creamsicle shades and spring.

Pedicure Nail Polish Shades to Flaunt This Spring

Even though we are stuck indoors, there are plenty of ways to take care of ourselvesĀ  while waiting for the pandemic to be over. We have previously learnt how to take care of our stressed skin, it’s now prime time to give our feet a little TLC. It’s time to take things up a notch.

Sunglasses To Make Statements This Season

Although, we can only go outside occasionally nowadays, yet it shouldn’t stop us from making impression this season now that summer is knocking right at theĀ  door. What other way is it to do this if not by wearing ‘doop’ sunglasses. The new trending ones are the teeny tiny and oversized ones. Nowadays the bigger.

Maxi Dresses For When On Budget

The affair between maxi dresses and women is always a love or hate relationship. When you ask, some will say it gets in the way while others will say they’re fabulous to wear for spring summer season. You can wear your maxi dresses while on ‘vacay’, especially the transparent ones which can be worn when.

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