5 Loreal Paris Glycolic Regimes To Achieve Glassy Skin

A glassy skin is the type of skin that is smooth, clear, and deeply hydrated. It is skin at its healthiest and healthy skin starts from a healthy diet, exercise, a well-hydrated body, and a good skincare routine. It’s good to note that staying hydrated means a few little sips of water as the day.

Why You Should Shop The 12 Best Face Oils This Winter Season

The cold dry winter season is always the best time to embrace face oil. You probably are already familiar with the idea of using face oil in your skincare routine which means you already know the benefit of using face oil. But if you don’t know what I am talking about, well, Covet is here.

10 Best Face Rollers That Will Give You A Sculpted Face

Face rollers are known to be beauty tools that are used to gently massage the face, stimulate the lymphatic system which leads to a decrease in face puffiness, ease tension and stimulate blood flow to increase your skin’s glow. Blood flow allows oxygen and nutrients to be carried to the skin cells around the face.

8 Best Face Cleansers For Every Successful Skin Routine

To discover the perfect start to your skincare routine this autumn-winter season, it’s always good to start from the most vital steps in any skincare routine – Cleansing. Cleansers are the part of skincare products that serve as the first step in looking after your skin. Cleansers are different from face wash, cleansers are more.

10 Best Dark Spot Correctors To Treat Your Uneven Skin Tone

When it comes to uneven skin tone it includes melasma, genetic freckles, age spots or sun damage, hyper-pigmentation e.t.c. There are many reasons why uneven skin tone occurs, first, hyper-pigmentation occurs when there is high production of melanin. The skin produces high melanin when the skin cells sense they’re in danger, e.g a cut around.

12 Whipped Body Butters That Will Get YouThrough Dry Winter Season

When it comes to skincare, our body is most often negelected. We take of our face, neck and decolletage with our 100 steps routine but what happens to the rest of the body? It’s no doubt that the dry winter season can be tough on our delicate skin, thanks to mother nature. This increase and.

15 Best Beauty Products That Are On Sale Right Now

There are many beauty products that are on sale right now and are very good. The discounted beauty products range from haircare, skincare, wellness, to makeup. The black friday deals and the christmas holidays are peeping through the door and this is the time brands, and retailers sell their products at a discounted rate. If.

Meet The New Addition To Fenty Skin Collection By Rihanna

When Rihanna dropped Fenty Skin 3 steps skincare, it featured face wash(Total Cleanser Remove It-all Cleanser – $25), toner(Fat Water Pore Refining Toner Serum – $28) and maoisturiser(Hydra Visor Invisible Moisturiser Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen – $35), but the only problem we had with the moisturiser was that it’s a day cream because of.

Fall’s Scented Body Lotions You Should Try This Season

Our last blog about body moisturisers was back in summer where we carefully selected great moisturisers that are good for summer, but today we are going for the autumn/winter body lotions that smells great and with excellent formulas. Moisturising is one of the ways you can care for your skin and it’s importance can’t be.