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Summer Candle Ideas For Your Home

It’s definitely hot out there and the hot weather can be very unpleasant when we cant’t take advantage of it, for example going to the beach, pub, restaurant, and so on. With all been said, summer is full good memories, adventures and ignoring the pesky mosquitoes.

Yes we’re still stock at home but the happy season is here, and so we should celebrate it with most summery scented candles even though we are transitioning our way out of the pandemic.

Summery scented candles come in different aromas, from tropical fruits to coconut wood, what’s better than filling your home with a scent that transports you to your favourite memories? Here are our favourite picks below:



Capri Blue

Jo Malone London



Bath & Body Works


Voluspa - Rose Petal Collection


Voluspa - Voluspa Japonica Persimmon & Copal Embossed Glass Chawan Bowl Candle

By Lola Joseph
Images: Bloomingdale’s, Nest Newyork, Bath & Body works, Jo Malone, Anthropologie, Home Sick, Amazon, Pinrose, Space NK