Hairstyles To Show-off Your Baby Hairs

Baby Hairs are those little tiny hairs around our hairlines, they can either make your day or give you a bad hair day. When done right they can  give that youthful look to your hairstyles. Now taming them, with gel, brush or even getting rid of them like Kim Kardashian did(which she later regret), are all ways to get them into submissions – so instead of going crazy over them, we suggest you embrace them. Why?, because they give the appearance of a thicker hairline.

Baby hairs aren’t so bad at all as long as you embrace them by making them part of your hair style, you can make them curly or giving them a flat finish. Take it easy when styling them, don’t overdo with the use of styling products, experiment with different hair product brands out there until you can find what you’re comfortable with.

Styling baby hair does not require much, it’s all down to personal preference. The use of tooth-brush, combs or simply your finger tips is just good enough, style it into ponytails, updos, braids and so on are ways to enjoy your baby hairs hairline, as long as you follow the flow of your natural hairline. In terms of products, using water as a base is the best way to start.

If it’s one of those days where you choose to hide your baby hairs, you can leave  your hair looking undone but done, styling it to blend with the rest of the hair, wearing wig or going for the bangs style will hide your baby hair.

Checkout below if you’re looking for ways to style your baby hairs(hairline) or better still trying to hide them:


By Lola Joseph