Facing A Last Minute Christmas Shopping Crisis?


Who would say no to a small gift on Christmas or New Year day? Who wouldn’t be pleased with getting even a small packet wrapped in glamorous festive paper and decorated with a beautiful knot? Who wouldn’t want to spread joy and receive the bright smile of their beloved when offering them a gift? Even if your budget is low, there is always a way to find the perfect present! What you need is to allow your imagination and Christmas spirit to take over and to take your time to stroll the shops or the internet.



Focus on smart, practical gifts; men, at least their majority, are thankfully not particularly demanding.

You can start with clothing; after all, men find buying clothes for themselves sometimes boring and they are very pleased when you have gone through that process for them!

A nice, rich wool jumper, sweater or scarf for the cold winter days and nights, or even a cosy hat are safe choices. A fancy Christmas jumper or sweater can sparkle their Christmas spirit, especially to those with a more playful personality. An elegant shirt that can be worn at the office or during your nights out, is also among your
options. They will also love a pair of jeans or a pair of shoes, just make sure that you get the right size.

If you want something timeless, then choose a discreet, elegant watch. A watch always adds stylistic points, while allows less excuses for the next time he will not be on time!

A classic leather wallet or a belt, is also beautiful and useful gifts. If he is a fan of writing or retro-style, then an elegant ball-point pen or one with a pen-holder will certainly please him. For the more adventurous and those who love travelling, we would recommend a leather bag or a small handy leather necessary. Moreover, leather cases for his mobile phone or tablet or stylish gadgets such as headphones, cufflinks and ties are also within your options, while a perfume will certainly please both of you.



Choosing a Christmas present for women is a bit more complicated as they tend to be much more demanding. To avoid any grumbling or other unpleasant complications, we advise not to include in your list anything clothing related; a tiny mistake, especially when it comes to size or how it fits, you can indeed cost you a lot…

We would recommend that you would rather focus in getting her an elegant leather or cloth bag, an evening clutch bag or a stylish purse. A beautiful necklace in bronze or silver is also a good budget choice, but if you can afford then don’t hesitate to treat her with something in gold, with diamonds or pearls.


You can also look for gloves, hats and caps, scarves, sunglasses, or even socks with glitters! Perfumes and cosmetics are almost always welcome and if you finally decide to go for something like a lipstick, then we would suggest red, burgundy or an impressive girlie pink.

A cool watch in gold or silver, will certainly not disappoint her, whereas if she loves reading a nice fashion or art book, or even a novel, will definitely be much appreciated.

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By Lola Jospeh
Images: FashionToMax
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