Chanel’s Failed 2021 Advent Calender: Controversy, Backlash

Chanel advent calendar controversy has become a viral widespread issue, which many news and media outlets can’t help but talk about. Apparently, the issue is with regard to a backlash over Chanel’s 2021 advent calendar that’s worth $825.00 (£610.00) included nothing but stickers, an empty dust bag, flipbook,  and sample-size products.

This controversy started when a beauty influencer and a TikToker Elise Harmon unboxed Chanel’s advent calendar and discovered the content in the calendar is worth less than what the price tag is.

The French luxury fashion house celebrated 100 years since the launch of its iconic perfume Chanel No 5 with the advent calendar. The advent calendar is a 31-day advent calendar and it features 31 numbered boxes with luxury items by Chanel that include perfume, Lipstick, nail lacquer, hand cream e.t.c. but some of the items included in the box are nothing but a slap on someone who works hard for their money.

Chanel's 2021 Advent Calendar Controversy


The TikToker/Blogger/Influencer has more than 200k followers and has recently been reviewing advent calendars sent to her as a complimentary gift by many brands including Jo Malone to Chanel on her channel. Jo Malone’s she seems satisfied with but while reviewing Chanel’s she was dissatisfied. She said in a video “This is a Joke” “I’m done” when a luxury advent calendar contains a temporary tattoo, plastic snow globe, keychain, a badge, e.t.c. like a nursery school souvenir. By the way, each of these Chanel’s reviewed videos has more than 10M views with various comments on them.

Chanel's 2021 Advent Calendar Controversy


Honestly, if you’ve ever had children in nursery school, these are the types of things they come home with to show mummy or daddy. but for grown-ups and hardworking individuals, do you think that’s what I will like to see in my advent calendar? I want to see fragrances, Chanel belt bags, brooches, fragrances of at least 50ml in size, skincare products of at least 50ml in size e.t.c. I want an ‘I’m a grown woman and  I can do whatever I want’ kind of advent calendar. “I work hard” kind of advent calendar! Have you seen Jimmy Choo’s 2021 advent calendar? It’s something I can call ‘I’m well worth it’.

Elise continues with the unboxing saying“I’m feeling optimistic. Even though we know how this is going to end,”  only to open number 8 with a dust bag, and others with magnet, money clip e.t.c.

In conclusion, this is a wake-up call for luxury brands who depend so much on how customers perceive them rather than keep the focus on serving the customers.

Chanel has now privatized its TikTok account with all content wiped out and according to Guardian, Chanel claimed not to be the case.


By Lola Joseph
Image Courtesy: Chanel, Bof