Max Mara Pre-Fall 2022 Collection : Runway

The Maxmara prefall 2022 collection is nothing but impeccable tailoring, simplicity, comfort e.t.c. The creative director Ian Griffiths, his old fashion mind surely knows what his audience wants, talk of immaculate tailoring/looks, he said:

“I feel a bit constricted though.” There’s an Italian saying that goes “one must suffer to be beautiful,” but it surely doesn’t apply to Max Mara’s intelligent design, which is all about making women both beautiful and comfortable—no suffering necessary.

He described his audience with one word ‘Intelligent’ he continued by saying: “They’re women of substance,”.

The classic take on his androgynous styles, especially his take on short suits and or more general power suiting says a lot about his discernment of what his audience wants, the collection can describe a woman as someone with an individual sense of syle, gifted with abundant intellect, talents and not afraid to show it or ‘shall I say not afraid to be’

He continues in his interview saying: “Classic doesn’t have to be conservative, in fact, it can be a way of dressing for a woman with a radical agenda.”

The fashion house is known for its clarity in style, quality fabric, tailoring, and creativity. Max Mara has been providing women of all ages with wardrobes that are achievable, wardrobes that be worn on everyday lifestyle,  and the mastermind behind this talent is Griffith’s 30 years as the creative director of the brand. He understands the brand and he never let go of its ethos.

Max Mara prefall 2022 collection featured 24 looks that include tailored jackets, short suits, shorts, sweaters, military-style shacket blazer, pinstripe and pleated blazers, denim jeans, maxi dresses, coats, silk blouses, trench dress, denim on denim, short dresses, midi pleated culottes,  autumnal colours or earthy tones (generous on navy blue), sweater vests, prints, silks, wool-like gilet, pastels e.t.c And the accessories range from leather ankle boots to top hand leather bag.

Max Mara brand looks like the type who is not afraid to borrow silhouettes from a man’s form to create a woman’s ensemble. Finally, he concluded in the interview saying: “It’s an indication which is coming full circle, as Max Mara originally borrowed the camel coat from the traditional masculine wardrobe, I think that in the end what’s important is what clothes represent and mean, and what they stand for. We stand for intelligence and knowledge, regardless of gender.”

Here are the Max Mara Prefall 2022 full collection below:





By Lola Joseph