Celine Is Launching Its Colour Cosmetics Line

Celine Is Launching Its Colour Cosmetics Line

Known for its classic handbags with the most minimal design, well it’s about to be known for makeup too, In 1964 Celine unvield its first fragrance known as ‘Vent Fou’ in the beauty category. It later re-introduced fragrance series in 2019 with simplicity, from packaging to the smell. Well, five years later, the brand has now debut it colour cosmetics range titles ‘Celine Beauté’.

The first launch will be solely lipstick which was featrued on the AW’24 runway where models were spotted wearing the “La Peau Nue” Rose Naturel Lipstick, the formula is rumoured to be satin and comes in a gold sheath embossed with Celine monogram. The lipstick collection is titled “Le Rouge Celine”, comes in fifteen shades and will be available to shop in January 2025 making the Celine the newest luxury brand who’s included beauty to fashion design. It started with Valentino, Prada, & MiuMiu.

According to Fashionista, the brand will eventually grown its beauty offering to include lip balms, mascaras, eyeliners, eye pencils, nail polish and blush.

In the press release, the brand said: “The creation of Celine Beauté comes to enrich the cultural roots, promoting a French idea of femininity and allure, distilled over the last five years by Hedi Slimane in his new institutional codes for the Maison Celine,