Wendy William Didn’t Feel Sorry For Meghan Markle

The talk show host who just recently had her star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, said she has no sympathy for Meghan Markle, after the Duchess of Sussex emotionally confessed to having trouble adjusting to the royal life.

“Meghan, nobody feels sorry for you,” Williams said Tuesday on her hit talk show. “You knew what you were signing up for girl!”

Wendy Williams, 55, shared footage of Markle’s, 38, emotional interview from the ITV documentary “Harry & Meghan: An African Journey,” when Markle said she had no clue what getting serious with Prince Harry would mean for her future.

“When I first met Harry, my friends were so excited. My U.S. friends were happy because I was happy,” Markle said. “But my British friends, they were sure he was lovely, but they said I shouldn’t do it because, ‘The British tabloids will destroy your life.’ I just didn’t get it.”

After showing the clip, Wendy said “Yes you did. You knew exactly what you were doing,” “And I applaud her plot-ation on the royal situation. But please, don’t try to garner sympathy from us. You knew what you were doing.”“some hating-ass girlfriend,” she continued – and later suggested that the former actress could’ve made up the story completely.

“Or Meghan’s lying to try and get sympathy, for us to give her sympathy, if someone in fact told [her] that.”

Meghan Markle was advised by Williams saying she shouldn’t be surprised that the paparazzi is obsessed with her relationship, adding, “Of course, because you’re now a royal. They weren’t following you when you were on ‘Suits,’ we didn’t even know who you were except when you came for employment here at Wendy and wanted to be one of our runway models.”

Well, She hit the nail on the head, I mean I tried to connect with what the media where saying about her and family coping with the royal life but couldn’t find it. We wish the best Duchess Of Sussex.

Checkout the video below:


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