‘P Diddy’ Debuts Sean John Couture At 2023 Met Gala With His Self-Designed Look

'P Diddy' Debuts Sean John Couture At 2023 Met Gala With His Self-Designed Look

Businessman, music mogul, and designer, diddy, also known as ‘Sean John Combs’ delivers an ode to ‘Karl Lagerfeld’ wearing his self-designed pieces to the 2023 Met Gala. He wore an attire adorned with camellia made with satin, velvet, etc. something that represents ‘Chanel’ a fashion house where ‘Karl’ worked as the creative director almost throughout his life in fashion, from 1983 till he passed away.

Diddy said in a video shot by Vogue posted via his Instagram handle, saying ‘ This right here, this is it yall, this is velvet, satin and this one right here is ‘Karl Lagerfeld’ meets ‘Andree Leon Talley’, the cape is an ode Andre Leon Talley, if it wasn’t for him Sean John won’t have been heard, Vogue discovered Sean John’ He also said; “This is Sean John’s [Met Gala] debut, as you can see. First time I designed in 10 years, and we’re feeling good.”

The look was described by Sean John as a “fashion-forward black motorcycle tuxedo,” it featured 600 Swarovski crystals and black pearls as a nudge to Lagerfeld’s time with Chanel. The camellias covering the “very heavy” puffy cape.

Sean John is a fashion brand owned by ‘P Diddy’ and was launched in 1998, it started out as a sportswear brand before many other categories of fashion pieces were added, categories that range from eyewear, fragrances, etc. 90% stake of Sean John brand was sold to Global Brands Group in 2016 following the brand’s bankruptcy, in December 2021, Sean Combs bought back Sean John from Global Brands Group for $7.5 million, who is now venturing into couture debuted by P Diddy’s look at Met Gala 2023.

“I had a chance to spend time with Karl when I was designing Sean John, just as a fellow designer. He was so creative and he had such attention to detail (and) to beauty.” Combs said in his interview at the event.