The StreetStyle Looks From NewYork Fashion Week – Spring’21

The current pandemic left many in doubt to whether the fashion week streetstyle will prosper, why? well you guessed right ‘the global health pandemic’. But thanks be to God, the streetyle pulled through and proof to be a success. If you are new to streetstyle, it’s were we and brands go to know what’s style is trending or about to become a trend.

While the stylitas and fashionistas showed up in style, they never left the health precaution behind,  I mean the masks that’s now been incorporated into style looks nowadays. The mask accessory game was very strong, so were the mactchy outfits, some with animal prints and plaid patterns. Some stepped up their style with chain incorporated to their masks and some also with logo, the mask incorporation saga just took every looks on the street to high fashion, which we’re open to and ready for.

Their were also quilted  boots, buckled pumps, platforms, sneakers and so on, which is an affirmation that these are the trend for Fall:























By Lola Joseph
Images: Imaxtree, Getty Images
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