Summer Cocktail Recipe You Should Try At Home – Peaches & Berries White Sangria Cocktail

Although we are still in-between weather, as the weather gets warmer and the lockdown been over, the craving for refreshing fruity cocktails increases, and to shake up your summer cocktails this season, we bring you Peaches & Berry White Sangria Cocktail that can easily be made at home to celebrate post lockdown and the newly warm weather.


Whether you’re expecting to entertain friends this summer season or catching up with families, putting a simple cocktail like peaches and berry white sangria together will make you the best host of this season. The best way to enjoy this beverage is not by using ice to chill the drink but use frozen peaches and raspberries because frozen ice may dilute the cocktail. This special cocktail is just a combination of peaches, raspberries with white wine, orange-flavored liqueur, and peach juice, Wala! the concoction is ready. Check out the recipe below:


For 6 to 8 servings:

3 chunky sliced peaches

1½ pints raspberries

1 zested and juiced lemon

¼ cup peach juice

½ cup orange-flavoured liqueur

1½ bottles of chilled white wine


1. Freeze your peaches and raspberries in the freezer for 60 minutes, ensure they are frozen solid. To help make it easier, place the chunky sliced peaches and raspberries in an ice cube tray with that you easily remove the frozen fruits when ready for serving.

2. Add the zested lemon juice, peach juice, white wine, and orange liqueur in a large pitcher, mix to combine, then add the frozen fruits to chill the concoction, stir to combine again. Serve by pouring into glasses. Happy Summer!

Nutritional Value:

308 calories

1g fat

34g carbs

2g protein

21g sugars

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By Lola Joseph
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