Micheala Coel Of ‘I May Destroy You’ Swaps Her Pink Wig For Purple Buzzcut And Matching Eyebrows

I was scrolling down the Instagram timeline when I spotted Michaela Coel of ‘I May Destroy You’ in a purple buzzcut hairstyle and matching eyebrows. The image was found from her makeup artist’s instagram account –Alex Babsky where he captioned the image saying:

“I did some 💜PURPLE💜 eyebrows on stupendous Michaela Coel to match her brand new hair, for her #GQHEROES talk with @regyates, in which she discusses representing the realities of London life in her groundbreaking show, & taking ownership of her work. It’s a really enjoyable & thought-provoking talk – if you have a spare 25mins I’d totally recommend it”

If you don’tknow  the new United Kingdom TV series called ‘I May Destroy You’, It is about a lady called Arabella that’s Micheala Coel, whose life as an aspiring writer and actress is full of rape, mental health issues, drugs, alchohol and so on. She was raped, taken advantage of, and also a drug addict. The show is very interesting and not afraid to point out the social, and economy issues of London Life.

So, from the show, she wears pink hair most of the time and seeing her in a buzzcut purple hair while doing her interview with #GQHeroes is a bold move for us. She was also wearing a blazer with mixed African print badeau and wide leg trouser.

The hair cut is a short plummy magenta style which is no surprise to us, we’ve been seeing many celebrities playing with bold colour hair styles nowadays, from Kylie Jenner to Dua Lipa and now Micheala. The bold colour hair dye is now a trend we all should consider, something that may help us fight the negative moods from Covid’s pandemic.

To be honest, we all know Micheala to be this tall slender actress with facial born structure that can cut a wood, what I’m trying to say is that her rare beauty fits for a edgy supermodel. From bold beauty looks to fit body and bold born structure makes her a baddass hair and fashion icon and we are down for it. She’s a trend setter and we’re ready to jump on the trend wagon. Plummy magenta purple buzzcut is the new hair trend!!






By Lola Joseph
Images: Micheala Coel, © James Mason Photography⁠