Hair Cut Ideas For After Lockdown

The lock-down is easing up and it now time to start thinking of what hair cut to get when the salons are opened again. The lock-down is got most of us looking crazy, the lock-down has shown us all how our hairdressers are important in our lives. We’ve seen many epic fail DIY hair cut online and social media timelines, even some magazine editors were advising us to make our untidy DIY hair cut a trend, lol! I couldn’t stop laughing.

Although most saloons are yet to open, but while we’re still waiting, we might need a little inspiration for  our next visit to the salon. Our favourite editor, has rounded up some of the 2020 runway hairstyles to go for this season. You can go pixie, or blunt bob, there are many ideas to soothe your mood. Here are they below:

cropped ‘do.

Pixie Haircut

Curtain bang bob.

Bowl cuts

blunt, chin-length bob

 Squared-off shape hair cut

Chunky layers haircut

Longer than a pixie but shorter than a bob

Summer full bangs

Layered almost lob haircut

One side  crop your locks

 Full crop pixie bangs

Slightly staggered bangs

Two-tone coils

Grown-out pixie look with sleek strands.

Side-parted, above-the-chin cut

Blunt lob with razor-cut ends

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