Meet Paris Hilton The New Face Of Coach’s Y2k Style Holiday Campaign

If you know the Y2k style, then you will know that Paris Hilton is the perfect fit. Paris Hilton and the mean girl era, Paris Hilton the bratz doll era, Paris Hilton and the bold colours, ornamental acessories, pink furs, cropped top paired with bold coloured mini skirts, Juicy Couture tracksuits, labels, bling blings e.t.c. that’s the Y2k style. The Y2k style is basically the early 2000s’ style and who dominated this era if not Paris Hilton, Nicole Riche, Kim Kardashian. If you don’t what I’m talking about, check out “The Simple Life” reality tv show and it will sum it up.

So when announced that Paris Hilton along with Kim Petras and Rickey Thompson are the star of the new Coach holiday campaign, it’s no suprise to us. The Coach campaign features the revamped iconic bag “The Swinger”. Swinger bag is a shoulder bag of the early 2000s but this time redesigned with luxe leather and monogram prints. The campaign is said to be inspired by the Y2K style(may be due to the time the bag was fisrt designed) which to us, the Y2K style trend is back.

Paris Hilton, starring in the Coach’s 2020 holiday campaign is a remembrance of the past for her, she said “I’ve always loved Coach since I was a teenager,” Hilton says. “I remember in New York when I went to the Coach store and bought my first bag. My mom always had amazing [Coach bags] too, and my sister and I would always go into her closet and play dress up.”  “Having a handbag is such an important accessory to an outfit,” she says. “I love that they’re bringing it back.” These words aren’t a surprise to us since we all know how her closet is filled with all things designer bags. Hilton is defintely a bag lover and she understands the importance of carry a bag as an accessory to your look.

Firstly,  Paris attention to details when buying a bag can’t be competed with, why? she said in an interview with British Vogue that the design and style of a bag is very important, and most importantly the pockets inside a bag says how practical the bag will be for her lifestyle e.g she likes a the inner pockets to be able to carry her phones and her lipglosses, if you don’t know, please take note. She has archives of classic iconic bags from Louis Vuitton bags, the Fendi Baguettes, the Dior Saddle bags, Chanels. Judith Leiber bags which are all collection that speak 2000s (must have classic colleciton for every closet).

She also talked about how most of her iconic bag collection were stolen by the bling ring who raided her home for about eight times. What does she carry in her bag? she’s like most of us; her mini lighting for selfies, her Iphone with her holographic Lumi case, her blinged out purell hand sanitizer, paris hilton lipgloss, paris hilton fragrance and her tips to pulling off a Y2k style? she said go extra and make sure you share it on social media.

Finally, her plan for the christmas is not much different from the way we all know, she used to host a big christmas party in her home called “Holidaze with the Hiltons” and then spend time with her family. She would host a christmas eve party in different part of the country(as a DJ I presume) and do a little charity work at L.A. Mission, a homeless shelter downtown. But due to the Covid pandemic, she will be spending it with her boyfriend at a get away or a travel to Mitchigan. Her christmas style is usually a sparkly dress and a change to sexy santa outfit. She also plan to decorate her doggie mansion for her dogs with santa and elf outfit this year.

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Swinger black leather shoulder bag

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Check out the fashion film for the Coach’s 2020 holiday campaign below:








By Lola Joseph
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