Burberry Fall’21 RTW Collection

Ricardo Tisci – Burberry’s creative director, drew inspiration from his mother when designing the Fall’21 collection. He named this collection ‘Femininity’, in what he says celebrates women around the world. 

“Throughout my life, my mother has been this incredible force of nature. As a single parent, she raised me and my eight sisters with unfaltering purpose and pride. So, naturally, I have always been drawn to strong women and, in turn, they have also given me the confidence to express my own femininity. They are not afraid to challenge expectations and I have always been in such awe of their determination. They are warriors,” he wrote, in a press release, adding that the presentation was “a love letter to women and a celebration of their incomparable strength.”

Burberry did not only celebrate women around, the brand also celebrate British classics from capes, to deconstructed silhouettes. The collection also reflects mother nature where the clothing were designed to celebrate the liberation of identity in today’s own culture – ‘Femininity’. “There’s an underlying attitude to the collection that’s very British; of being unique, eccentric and totally authentic in how you express yourself,”  said Tisci. He also said “It’s very sexy, I think, but without being vulgar. Femininity is something I really wanted to achieve at Burberry when I arrived, because it’s a very masculine company”.

There are squares creatively joined together to make a dress, there were hats that look similar to Egyptian hats to accessorise the looks. The hats that seem to look like a new trend in fashion. The collection also reflects the 19th to 20th century naturalist movement( fin-de-siècle).

The Burberry Fall’21 collection featured, ‘monochromatics’, furs, teddy coats, deconstructed blazers, capes, ‘voluminimousity’, bold colours(pop of colours), flaglike flap layering, tie dye, square sleeves, asymmetric dresses, gold metallics, oversized bags etcc. The presentation took place at Burberry’s flagship Regent Street store in London with minimalist beige backdrop.

Here is the full collection below:

By Lola Joseph
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