8 Beauty Products That’re Cult Buys And Deserve A Space In Your Beauty Vanity

This season, there have been many new beauty products that are worth the hype but no-one is talking about. These range from skincare, to makeups from brands like MAC, Beauty Pie etc. The reason why these products are worth the investment and deserve a space in your skincare vanity is the new formulas they contain and the excellent results they deliver.

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Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Moisture Stick

Trish McEvoy

Beauty Booster moisture stick 9.30g

£29.00 at Selfridges

This is said to serve as an excellent base for your lipstick, it prevents dry and patchiness on your complexion especially your skin thanks to the special ingredients like chaulmoogra, oat and meadow seed oil. You can simply use this product by smooth or dab on your dry lips and massage it with your finger tip.

According to a Beauty and Lifestyle director Jessica Diner “Oat lipids, chalmoogra oil and meadowfoam seed oil make up this brilliantly nourishing lip balm that I am now applying on repeat (hello, cold wind-chapped lips). There is not much else to say, other than the fact that I completely love it.”


BENEFIT They’re Real Magnet mascara 9g £24.50


They’re Real Magnet mascara 9g

£24.50 at Selfridges

This mascara is great for fanning out, seperating and difining your lashes, due to its magnetic brush that helps pull out the mineral enriched formula up and out.


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Beauty Pie Japan Fusion Lift Elixir

Beauty Pie

Japan Fusion Lift Elixir 15ML

£40 at Beauty Pie

When you hear the word elixir, it makes you jump because it reminds us of medicinal potion packed in small bottle. Well this elixir serum live up to what is described to do, it instantly lifts, hydrates and plumps the skin and can be added to your toner, other serums and essence. Thanks to its active ingredients like the new hylauronic acid-srrength(Polynesian Seaweed humectan),  barrier-boosting Fission-Y, hyperpigmentation-fighting Jabara Fruit (Vitamin C), antioxidant Grape Extract.

According to a verified buyer who reveiewed the product said:  “Water to oil
I have had this for 2 days now, so will review again in a few weeks. First impressions are great – goes on nice and thin, and turns to an oil like consistency. Absorbs easily and smells lovely. Looking forward to seeing long term results. Love the Japanfusion range”


MAC X Harris Reed Hot Pour Lipstick

MAC X Harris Reed

Pour Lipstick palette 3g

£20.00 at Selfridges

Although a lipstick palette, i’m so pleased how it can be used as a blush, lipstick and bronzer.

According to Selfridges; “Joining forces with fashion designer Harris Reed, MAC launches a limited-edition collection that’s inspired by glam-rock romanticism and all about expressing your individuality. That’s where the Hot Pour Lipstick palette comes in. Complete with three shades (we’re talking bright, neutral and deep), it’s specially housed in a gilded renaissance-inspired palette, scrawled with the designer’s signature, that’s all set to help you create your next make-up masterpiece.”


Party Recharge Hydrating Hyaluronic Under-Eye Masks - 20 pairs £20.00

Nails Inc

Party Recharge Hydrating Hyaluronic Under-Eye Masks – 20 pairs

£20.00 at Nails Inc

Apart from the hyaluronic acid they contain, these shimmery eye patches are enriched with niacinamide and cooling extract that are great for recharging your under eyes.


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Lash Idole Curled Lash Effect Volume Mascara

€ 29.90 at Sephora

Lash Idôle is Lancôme’s new volume mascara that gives a light weight volume effect on your lashes with a long-lasting wear of up to 24hours. It’s formulated with a a gel emulsion texture, infused with white tea extract and with less wax.

According to a reviewer; “Lengthened eyelashes without bundles, Deploys the fringe of the eyelashes very well, lengthens curls and does not clump even after several passes. Does not shatter during the day. Very nice “natural” rendering”


Fresh N’ Clean 2-in-1 Hair + Body Wash $24.50

Fresh N’ Clean

2-in-1 Hair + Body Wash

$24.50 at Mni Bloom

According to a reveiewer; “my kids love it! My kids love this product so much.”



Charlotte Tilbury

New Hyaluronic Happikiss

Pillow Talk

£25.00 at Charlotte Tilbury

This product comes in 9 shades, is filled with skin loving goodness, from hyaluronic acid, to C-Peptide for an intensed hydrated and fuller lips. Most importantly, you get the benefit of lipstick, gloss and balm in one product.

A verified buyer from London who reviewed this product said; “GORGEOUS PRODUCT !
This preforms exactly as it states. Buttery and comfortable balm, full on lipstick pigment and the most amazing gloss shine ever. It’s very comfortable and not sticky at all!
Also,very important – IT does not bleed (Like a lot of similar designed lippies)

I just have one issue – I didn’t get more shades!!! :)) they were right, you will want/need them all!!!

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By Lola Joseph
Images: Sephora, Selfridges, Beauty Pie, Nails Inc, Mini Bloom, Charlotte Tilbury
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