Swap Your Heavy Serums For These Lightweight Beauty Elixirs

Lumene Ageless Night Elixir 30ml £35.92

If you’re looking into what skincare products to use this spring-summer season, your best bet is to swap the autumn-winter heavy creams and serums for lightweight options in this new season. Spring summer season always calls for lightweight moisturizers and serums, and today we will be looking into Elixirs as an alternative to autumn-winter heavy serums.

So what are beauty elixirs? Elixirs are medicinal skin-loving potions that have a combination of herbal plant extracts, and various skin-loving oils, they can also contain Hylauronic acid, ceramides, butter e.t.c. They can help to prevent fine lines by regenerating the skin cells. Depending on your skin needs, these elixirs can help heal and nourish the skin to give you a fresher clearer, and brighter skin texture.

In as much as beauty elixirs may seem much like serums, they’re not. Beauty elixirs are much lighter than serums but heavier than toners. They do penetrate into deeper layers of the skin just like a serum but are very light which why they are most embraced in the spring-summer season. I’m sure we are all very familiar with the woes of skin in the spring-summer season, not only does the hot weather makes you sweat, the sweat will melt off your moisturizers especially if they’re heavy, making a mess of your makeup. That’s why I believe these beauty elixirs are cult finds for the new season.

Elixirs can work just as serums do, they come in the form of moisturizers, and facial oils too. The moisturizer form of elixir adds just the right amount of hydration to the skin to keep it glowing all through the summer season. Did I mention beauty elixirs can help shrink down the size of oversized pores? Some beauty elixirs can also be used as a priming base for your makeup, and even to set your makeup in place for several hours.

Beauty elixirs can be used just after toning in any skincare routine, the serum form can be used just after you’ve applied your serums then the moisturizer form comes next while the oil form can be the final step. The mist form of the beauty elixir can be used to finish and set your makeup. If you want to achieve an effortless dewy skin this season, some elixir formulas can also replace your heavy foundation.

When it comes to buying habits, I will advise buying one that you can discern will give what your skin needs, test it by starting slowly, wearing it at night only then build up by including the mornings too. If it works and helps you achieve your skincare goal, go back and buy them in the bulk of 2 to 3 to last you the season

Discover the best beauty elixirs on the market right now:

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Cult Beauty

Charlotte Tilbury

Magic Serum Crystal Elixir

£60.00 at Cult Beauty

BY TERRY Cellularose® Brightening CC Serum Colour Control Radiance Elixir 30ml £61.00

By Terry

Cellularose® Brightening CC Serum Colour Control Radiance Elixir 30ml

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Lumene Ageless Night Elixir 30ml £35.92


Ageless Night Elixir 30ml

£35.92 at Lookfantastic

Cult Beauty


Protect Elixir

£100.00 at Cult Beauty

TATA HARPER Elixir Vitae Serum 30ml £413.00

Tata Harper

Elixir Vitae Serum 30ml

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Cult Beauty

Tata Harper 

Elixir Vitae Eye Serum 2.0

£274.00 at Cult Beauty

Sarah Chapman Platinum Stem Cell Elixir 30ml £152.00

Sarah Chapman

Platinum Stem Cell Elixir 30ml

£152.00 at Lookfantastic

LA PRAIRIE Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation elixir 30ml £1068.00

La Prairie

Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation elixir 30ml

£1068.00 at Selfridges

Cult Beauty


Radiance Elixir 30ml

£200.00 at Cult Beauty

Revolution Skincare Gold Elixir 30ml £7.00

Revolution Skincare

Gold Elixir 30ml

£7.00 at Lookfantastic

LANCOME Absolue L'Extrait Ultimate Rejuvenating Concentrated-Elixir 30ml £333.00


Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate Rejuvenating Concentrated-Elixir 30ml

£333.00 at Selfridges


By Lola Joseph