The Best Eyelash Growth Serums

A little hear and there goes a long way when it comes to beautifying yourself, that’s why these serums are great substitute to lash extensions. Lash extensions are great don’t get me wrong but it’s also important to take care of your natural eyelashes too. Many do go to the doctor to get Latisse to help grow their natural lashes but you don’t have to limit yourself to doctor’s only prescription, there are now many over the counter solutions that will deliver the same result.

Like me, you can be skeptical about this, thinking it’s another gimmick being sold to those trying to beautify themselves. Well you don’t need to worry anymore, eyelash serums are the new beauty product to help every single of your lash super strong and long. These serums can help your lashes grow, leaving them fuller, healthier and beautiful.

Checkout our favourite picks to help you to avoid coat over coat of mascara to get a long eyelash:



Peter Thomas Roth











By Lola Joseph
Images: Shiseido, Amazon, Vichy and Revolve
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