Yemi Alade Features Hollywood Star Djimon Hounsou In “Remind You”

Yemi Alade is an African singer songwriter who just dropped a new music video #RemindYou from her fourth album titled “Woman Of Steel”.

Yemi delivered a sultry sexy performance, it reminds me of “Cater To You” by Destiny’s Child where you’d want to do anything for your man for putting a ring on it. Except in Yemi Alade’s video, she was fantasying how she have numerous reasons to to love her man and that’s where Djimon Hounsou comes in, apparently Djimon Hounsou is her boss in which she’s a maid to.

She started by saying ‘you know I can toast you now’ meaning can I ask you out? which made me burst into laughter and went on to say to ‘one  for the ring on my finger’ and so on.

The clarity and the cinematic effect of the video is beautiful, she showcased a bit of her Africaness wearing an African print playsuit with Djimon Hounsou as the lead male and video directed by Ovie.

‘Remind You’ is now available for download and to view on YouTube or you can just check it out below:



By Lola Joseph

Video: YouTube Copyright