Working Moms Advice On How To Organize Your Life

Kudos to the working moms around the world, juggling between dressing your kids, yourself and spouse, it’s hard not to call you superhuman. (Come on, the fact that you consistently know the whereabouts of wallets, keys and a sock that went MIA puts you in a league all your own.)

Working moms around our lives where asked on how they make it look effortless on how to organize our lives because controlling the chaos is hard when the curtain is pulled back.

These are tips they gave below:

  1. SET UP A SHARED CALENDAR SYSTEM THAT WORKS—AND STICK TO IT: There are days where you’ll need to get your hair done, meet up with girlfriends, spa time , personal doctor’s appointment, guys poker night, and so on. This mom of two and her husband set their work calendars for all things home-related, so that everything is in one place. How? They send each other invitations for all the things that aren’t work-related—meaning the stuff that relates to their home life and the kids—so each person always knows where the other person is and where the kids are at all times. An example: Say, you have a hair appointment at 7 p.m. on a Wednesday night. Technically that appointment only involves you, but by sending a calendar invite to your partner, too, he knows that he’s on duty and needs to be home to cover the kids. Other great methods: a shared Google calendar, an app (a lot of moms like Cozi) or—gasp—a paper calendar where everyone in the household pencils in their schedule at a glance. The point is to have one singular location that notes everyone’s schedule to minimize confusion and disorganization. Major win.
  2. WRITE EVERY SINGLE ITEM ON YOUR TO-DO LIST DOWN: Finding a consistent place to track your to do’s is essential if you want to get and stay organized. A small business owner—and mom of three—told us that her methodology is two-fold: For short-term to-do’s like errands she needs to run or grocery lists she needs to track, she uses a notebook that she carries around with her everywhere. But for bigger picture projects and long-running to-do’s (like a vacation she’s planning with a variety of moving parts, like booking plane flights), she uses the Teux Deux app. For her, it’s all about finding a system that helps her streamline—and feel productive as she crosses things off.

That’s it, we hope this few points will help you when becoming stressed with work-life and family.