Versace To Present Its Fall 2023 Collection In Los Angeles

Versace To Present Its Fall 2023 Collection In Los Angeles

Versace, an Italian luxury fashion house known for flashy prints and bright colors has recently announced that it will be presenting its Women’s and Men’s Fall 2023 collection on March 10, 2023, in Califonia – Los Angeles. The show is set to take place 2 days before the Oscars ( The Academy Awards).

Chief creative officer and fashion designer of the brand – Donatella Versace said: “For me, Hollywood is both a place and a state of mind. It is about storytelling and magic, power and vulnerability, creativity and emotional expression,”  “It is a perfect location for Versace.”

Luxury fashion houses have now developed a trend of staging their runway presentations during or just before major Award shows, maybe as a way of selling fresh from the runway fashion pieces, which seems very genius if you ask. Celine is another luxury brand that will be presenting its Winter collection two days before Versace. Aside from ‘during award season presentation’, Hollywood is also a place to present your fashion pieces if you’re looking into capturing a celebrity audience, Gucci presented its ‘Love Parade’ collection in front of the TCL Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard in October 2021, while Ralph Lauren took over the Huntington Library for a fashion show, Dior had also presented its collection in the same city – Los Angeles.

In conclusion, Versace presenting its Fall 2023 collection in Hollywood is no surprise, given the list of celebrities who love the brand’s ‘pop of culture’ ethos and the fan of the brand, the award will somehow be about Versace. Major award show red carpets always feature Versace, where celebrities are either diving into the brand’s archive or fresh from its runway, take the Oscars Dolby Theater red carpet, for example, many outfits are being styled in preparation for the Award, it seems fitting for Versace to present during this event.