The Second Edition Of ‘Valentino Vintage’ Returns

The Second Edition Of 'Valentino Vintage' Returns

Valentino Vintage is a concept that launched back in 2021 where it invites its customers to bring to select stores their Valentino apparel that serves as vintage pieces in exchange for new Valentino pieces

The second edition is now here, and this time the brand is expanding with 3 new vintage boutiques in London (Rellik), Paris (Palais Plaisir), and Seoul (Janemarch Maison) additions to its original locations in Milan (Madame Pauline), Tokyo (The Vintage Dress), New York (Newyork Vintage Store), and Los Angeles (Recess). There is also collaboration/partnership with 1 Granary, a student-run fashion blog where fashion and design schools around the world will receive a donation of clothes for up-and-coming young fashion talents to study Maison Valentino’s heritage and craftsmanship.

According to Valentino’s website, it reads;

Uncovering the hidden knowledge within Valentino Vintage pieces – Valentino Vintage reveals the Maison’s historical constellation of design icons, bringing the past into the future.

Valentino Vintage now returns with a second edition to further expand its universe with three new locations in its global network of iconic vintage stores (with London, Paris, and Seoul added to the original locations in Milan, Tokyo, New York, and Los Angeles).’

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This concept is a good way to make it easy for celebrities and other Valentino customers to easily lay their hands on vintage pieces, for example, the quest for vintage bridal wear is high right now and brands like Valentino taking control of the availability of their archival pieces is a genius business move.