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Discover The New ‘Dyson Zone’ Headphone With Air Purifier

Discover The New Dyson Zone Headphone With Air Purifier

I was browsing through social media two days ago, Instagram to be precise, when I discovered the new ‘Dyson Zone’ headphone worn by a social influencer. She wore this gadget while traveling and walked through the airport as she boarded the plane with the headphone on. I was surprised Dyson had actually extended its innovation to headphones, so the first thing that came to my mind was ‘the best without missing out on quality’ because I’m a lover of anything Dyson, from hoovers, fan, etc, the brand is loved. I would only use Dyson as my Hoover in my home, just because of the effectiveness of this household good.

But then what about ‘Dr. Dre?’ I mean no one can beat ‘Beats by Dre’, then I looked back into Dyson’s hair dryer, straightener, and curler, the innovation it came up with to help covid patients, how the suction power of its Hoover will take off the deepest of specks of dirt on my carpet, the bladeless fan that was spotted in the Kardashian household, if you’ve ever taken a trip to Costco you will know what I mean, ‘I stood in front of this fan imagining how beautiful it will fit my living room and bedroom’. Well, ‘Beat By Dre’ is got a big competition, Dyson is now the new holy grail headphone lol!

Dyson Zone

Dyson Zone

Back to the social influencer from Instagram, so when she sat in the plane, there was this visor over her nose that seem attached to this headphone on her head, I gazed and wonder what it was, then I went to Dyson’s website, and found out it’s an air purifier. Air purifier? in this covid pandemic crisis? do you mean hygienic breathing while out and about? please give me one or two. lol!

The Dyson Zone headphone will give you ‘Pure audio. Pure air. Anywhere.’, it cancels noise by monitoring surrounding noise to cancel any background noise, is engineered for ultra-low distortion ensuring realistic, detailed audio, and comes with a contact-free visor that magnetically attaches to the headphone for purified air, you can also connect the headphone to ‘My’Dyson’ app for real-time environment updates while on the go.

The Dyson Zone will be launching soon, you can sign up at the brand’s website to hear more about Dyson Zone™ headphones with air purification and when it will be launching.