The Evolution of Style: Kim Kardashian

The Evolution of Style: Kim Kardashian

A style bomb shows how she’s reached the top

It’s undeniable that Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous ladies in the world.   She’s graced more magazine covers than we can count, starred in Keeping Up with The Kardashians, which has arguably been the most successful reality show of all time, and has an enormous following on social media.  Love her or hate her, there is no denying she has become a top influencer in topics ranging from fashion to fitness, and many more in between.


More recently, since linking up with Kanye West, her clothes-horse rapper/singer/producer/entrepreneur husband, Kim’s style has started to be taken seriously by big names in the fashion world.  She’s dined with Anna Wintour, attended the Met Gala, and is so close with Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci that she joined him in Ibiza to celebrate his 40th birthday.

As her style has evolved and she’s found a place in the fashion world, it is fair to say that Kim, in her own way, really is a style icon. However, it must not be forgotten that this has not always been the case.  Perhaps what best describes Kim’s style transformation from the day that the Kardashian name first became viral to now is the old phrase, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  Similarly, neither was Kim Kardashian’s fashion sense.


So, let’s take this moment to look back in time and see the style evolution of one of the world’s most talked about figures, and rate the looks as we go along.  We’ll be using the star system, *****, with 1 meaning she blinded up and 5 meaning she triumphed sartorially.

Prom Queen


** It was a toss up between 1 and 2, but deemed 2 more appropriate because a bad updo is practically synonymous with prom.

Isla Bonita

** Sure, Hellen Keller could have chosen a better swimsuit, but after recently having to wear flip-flops for an entire weekend on vacation, I can’t fault her too bad for choosing a bikini top a few sizes too small.

Another often forgotten piece of Kardashian history is that Kim used to work for Paris Hilton.

** While Kim doesn’t exactly look bad here, this outfit is a bit frumpy and one she definitely wouldn’t be seen wearing today.

Kim’s rise to fame begins, and apparently so do her endorsement deals.
*** Kim looks more fashionable than in earlier times, however, this look is more Bebe than Barney’s.

Fame still rising, Kim is happy to be back in front of a step and repeat.
*** While the graphic print on her dress clashes with the green straps, something about it suggests it could possibly work in Miami. However, it’s doubtful that she was in Miami, the 102.7 KissFM backdrop strongly suggests this event took place in LA.

Kim’s long lasting love affair with high belts

**While I have no doubt these clothes were expensive, they look cheap.  C’mon Kim, we know you can do better!
Kim Kardashian from the Block

***Here she looks like a near replica of Jennifer Lopez.  It is certainly not her worst look, but definitely not her best.  Outfit aside, she made a good choice of restaurant.

  1. Now Kim has really stepped into the spotlight, determined to declare her arrival.

*Here Kim certainly appears comfortable on the red carpet, which is a good thing.  Her choice in dress, however, was not.
With a little bit of aid from Kanye West, here Kim’s ascent from fashion victim to true fashionista begins.

****Improvements have been made!  This red carpet look of Kim’s is much more elegant than those she’s worn in the past and has an old Hollywood feel.
High fashion at last.



Looking good and feeling fine 

Here, Kim steps out in New York with Kanye, wearing a suede black fringed dress by designer Gareth Pugh and looking deserving of the style icon status she has now attained.
To conclude for all of us:
Don’t give up, carry on, and maybe you too can get one of these:

Text by: Taylor Srirat
Edited by: Tomm Zorn