The #BBNaija ‘Lockdown’ Edition 1st Runner-Up : Dorathy Bachor Was Surprised With A Benz For Her Birthday

Dorathy Bachor was one the cast of the #BBNaija ‘Lockdown’ edition. If you don’t know what I mean, we all know Big Brother’s house, a reality TV show that accomodates different mostly middle age youth in his house for approximately 3-months and allows his audience to vote and choose who they want to make a star during the 3 months period.

Please ask me who Big-Brother is? No-one knows we only hear his voice(reminds me of ‘Charlie’ of Charlie’s Angels). So back to Dorathy Bachor, who happens to be one of Big Brother’s Angels in Nigeria Africa was surprised with a Mercedez Benz for birthday by one of her fans that she refers to as ‘DExploras’ which if you ask me, it’s a little bit creepy for me but I guess it’s no problem to Big Brother and his angels. Have they ever heard about ‘obssessed fans’ and what they’re capable of doing?.

She took it to instagram saying: ‘From Nobody to somebody, to somebody wey Dey drive luxury car.
My heart is filled with joy and words cannot explain how I’m feeling.
I’d never get tired of saying my life is a testimony and I want the world to know this.
Yesterday was my first birthday party celebration in my 25 years of existence and it’s definitely going to be the most memorable one.
The love is overwhelming, I’m more than grateful.
My Exploras, my champions. Even after fighting to keep me in the house for 71 days, you still came together to make sure I had a beautiful day. I love you guys from the moon and back, i die for una matter. 🌍🌍

Dorathy Bachor celebrated her 25th birthday at Mystique Event Space  and  she was also spotted on Instagram wearing a dress designed by Topefnr for her birthday photoshoot. The shoot was shot by Abu Salami Photography









By Lola Joseph
Images: Dorathy Bachor, Bella Naija