Shop The Best Liquid Bronzers For Your Summer Light Makeup

Before we go into what the best liquid bronzers are, I will like to let you know that bronzers in general are meant to warm up your skin, to imitate the color of your skin by adding a little glow or color to your skin. Bronzers give the skin the natural glow the sun gives. Bronzers can also sculpt and add a little depth and dimensions to your face. If I will put it in my own words, I will say bronzers put your overall makeup look together. It puts it together because if you wear a lighter color of foundation than your normal foundation shade (which can be the wrong shade), but have the right shade of bronzer, applying the bronzer after your light foundation will just make it right.

Bronzer can also be a way to connect the color of your face with the color of your neck (this might not apply to everyone) especially if you have dark skin tone or varied skin tone, because sometimes your neck can be darker than your face or vice versa.

There are different types of bronzers, there are the liquid bronzers, cream bronzers, and powder bronzers. They can be either matte or luminous. The luminous bronzers are very commonly used in the spring-summer season just to give your overall makeup look a sunkissed glowy finish while the matte version is common in the autumn-winter season where you can use it to add depth and a soft glow to your overall makeup look. That being said, matte bronzers are not limited to just autumn-winter, they can also be used in spring-summer too, the options are up to individuals, and what can 0f look you’re trying to achieve at a particular time for a particular event.

Luminous/shimmery bronzers are not so much appropriate for sculpting the face, but matte bronzers can give you the soft sculpt you need. That being said, bronzers are different from contour, while contour can be used to chisel the face, a matte bronzer can only mimic the chisel in a soft way. Contours do not add a glow to your look but will give a deep sculpt while bronzers will give a soft sculpt and glow at the same time. If you using the matte version of your bronzer to softly sculpt your face, then it’s advisable to place the bronzer underneath your cheekbones and temples but if for adding a glow, you can use the luminous version placing it on top of your cheekbones and temples.

In addition, bronzers do the same job whether liquid, cream, or powder, and they all come in different shades that range from light to dark and sheer to full coverage. What makes a liquid bronzer a great addition to any summer makeup vanity is that it creates fresh, natural looks that enhance one’s natural beauty. You can also add a drop or two into your normal foundation or tinted moisturizer to add warmth to your complexion just in case the sunny weather made you darker, it’s a good way to make up for it and save you from buying a whole new shade of foundation.

Liquid bronzer gives you the control you need in the summer season especially if sheer where you can easily build it up.

To apply a liquid bronzer, it is advisable to squeeze a small amount onto the back of your hands, then use your index fingers to dab on top of your cheekbones and temples ensuring it’s close to your hairline, and areas where the sun would naturally bronze. Then move on to blending using your bronzer brush or fluffy brush blend in a circular motion upwards.

Here are the best liquid bronzers on the market for your summery makeup routine:

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Milk Makeup  Bionic Bronzer 17ml (various shades)  £23.00 at Cult Beauty

Cult Beauty

Milk Makeup

Bionic Bronzer 17ml (various shades)

£23.00 at Cult Beauty


Beauty Bay

Makeup Revolution

Superdewy Liquid Bronzer 15ml

£5.00 at Beauty Bay

Dolce&Gabbana Solar Glow Universal Bronzing Drops 15ml


Dolce & Gabbana

Solar Glow Universal Bronzing Drops 15ml

£38.00 at Lookfantastic


Cult Beauty

Iconic London

Sheer Bronze 12.5ml (Various Shades) 

£21.00 at Cult Beauty

Perricone MD No Makeup Bronzer Broad Spectrum SPF15


Perricone MD

No Makeup Bronzer Broad Spectrum SPF15

£30.00 at Lookfantastic

Clinique Sun-Kissed Face Gelee Complexion Multitasker Universal Glow £24.50



Sun-Kissed Face Gelee Complexion Multitasker Universal Glow

£24.50 at Lookfantastic

Lumene Invisible Illumination [Kaunis] Liquid Bronzer 15ml



Invisible Illumination [Kaunis] Liquid Bronzer 15ml

£18.00 at Feelunique


By Lola Joseph