Louis Vuitton SS’20

Nicola Ghesquiere- the creative director of the brand Louis Vuitton earned a standing ovation with an emotional show that was a mashed up of the ’70s and the Belle Epoque(french word for ‘Beautiful Age’). The presentation was a heart felt mainly because  of the futuristic, Belle Epoque, and Art Nouveau kind of clothes delivered and not ignoring the giant screen that played the remixed version of Sophie’s “It’s Okay to Cry,”
The brand is known for its futuristic style that’s always glamorous and sophisticated. Not the type always look weird but the one that always work for the fashion industry. Let’s just say the fashionistas, editors, stylist e.t.c. are always looking for new style and trend and Louis Vuitton is ready to deliver that.
There were dandy suits in mismatched prints; sparkling sweater vests paired with voluminously tiered miniskirts; bright shades of purple and red against khakis and creams; exaggerated shoulders and puffed sleeves; and plenty of delightful prints. Every look came with an orchid pinned at the lapel, a “chimerical symbol of ultimate refinement” that looked lovely and can be worked into personal styling depending on the individual.
There were accessories (the brand’s strongest point), there were loafers, both in a flatform and a heeled style. If you’re into the LV monogram, there are new bags in tote shapes and small Speedys. Top-handle ladylike satchels and patchwork-adorned snap styles make for the more outrageous bags available next season.
Finally, the already satisfied and happy to celebrate audience all stood up giving Nicola Ghesquiere a standing ovation while he took a bow.
Trust me this collection is bound to sell out and come back in many seasons due to their vintage yet very modern design.
Here are the looks of the day below