Louis Vuitton Resort 2023 Runway Presentation

Louis Vuitton Resort 2023 Runway Presentation

Louis Vuitton’s resort 2023 presentation was full of drapery, voluminosity, lots of fabric in an outfit, very cultural and risky.

From the impression of Amazons of Greek mythology – the female warriors to Arabic dressing these are all the vibes that were perceived from the runway.  If I will discern right, I will say the inspiration behind Nicolas Ghesquière’s designs is from the mixture of Arabian fashion and Amazonian warriors made into modern-day fashion, there came a place on the runway where he actually surrendered to the design and went straight for the exact story he disguised in the current modern way, where a model came out wearing a blue turban paired with puffy Bermuda shorts and metallic pointy-toe boots, in as much as he disguised it as a draped hood on other models.

The designs are so audacious, and the silhouettes are so stylish, although a lot of fabric in one design I will say we’re ready for it. The draped belt skirt styled with tapered trousers, puffy Bermuda shorts styled with a circle-finish crop top, and the metallic high neck oversized jacket just spike up your imagination and I found myself asking myself: (where can I wear this to? What if I finish the look with a pair of pumps instead of ankle boots?), there were cropped tops with a circle opening short sleeves, some cropped tops were also designed in a square shape, the stripy metallic flats that look so similar to sneakers, e.t.c. the designs are so different and new, I don’t think they’ve ever been seen before.

The band played with a lot of metallic last season where metallic knitwear was spotted on the runway and from retailers, we were able to wear these last Christmas, and I’m glad the metallics are in the new collection.

Nicola Ghesquière also incorporated some current trends on the runway but with a twist – meaning he didn’t forget the inspiration behind the designs, for example, the Y2K trend was spotted where models were wearing mini skirts and crop tops in the amazonian ways. Looking into these designs, I believe they are new stylish looks we are soooo ready for, we’re ready to take the risk in fashion and style, maybe due to the freedom from what the health pandemic had caused. Nicola said:

“I think we’ve all been going through a lot these last couple of years. I think we are in a moment when there are a lot of possibilities. So I guess I’m taking my part in that. I feel very free.”

The presentation took place at the Salk Institute, which is located just outside of San Diego, California, where a wardrobe of female empowerment was freely expressed, a strong modern-day female race of amazon warriors, that are not afraid to express their fashion sense.

Discover the Louis Vuitton resort 2023 full collection below:


By Lola Joseph