Kylie Jenner Got Slammed By Michael Costello

Micheal Costello an American fashion designer, slammed Kylie Jenner for not giving credit to fashion designers. Michael  who is never afraid to express his feelings, he had previously called out a celebrity whom he didn’t mention name for not donating to his Covid’19 cause. He said “Remember how every time you needed a dress, I would instantly drop everything to prioritize you? I would stop all my projects to make you something special last minute?,” Costello wrote on Instagram, without naming names. “Now I ask you for help to give back to our community yet you leave me on ‘seen.’

The fashion designer and a former “Project Runway” star, 37 called out Kylie Jenner after Kylie posted an image on IG wearing an embellished Balmain look and thanking designer Olivier Rousteing for “the most perfect bday dress.”

Micheal Costello left a comment on the post that reads: “Thank you Oliver for the perfect bday dress. And thank you to the no name designers who work tirelessly around the clock on custom looks who she won’t tag , mention or @ . . . Unless it’s paid,”  he also addded that he was not speaking up for his own work “as Kylie only wears something from me once a year and I’m lucky if i get a decent pic to post.”

The designer continued, “But it’s sad that designers work so so so so hard on these opportunities to dress these gorgeous popular women and they only tag the major high end designers like Oliver but forget about the other ones … why not tag at least one? Not all the time but maybe once in a while.”

Kylie, 23, and an entrepreneur has been under many fires lately, first she was accused of her billionaire status as been false, and last month was also accussed by fans for “refusing” to honour black-owned label Loundbrand Studios in a post — she was accussed by a fan called Zoey. Zoey said: “Kylie Jenner is refusing to tag the designer of the dress she just posted, which is a black owned brand, and now limiting her comments. [clown face emoji] @LoudBrndStudios is the designer!” wrote Zoey.

Kylie denied all Zoey’s allegation, she said “ok this is just a reach. why would i ever REFUSE to tag a brand and block comments. this is completely false,” the star tweeted. “i think this brand is amazing and i wanted to show support and will continue to do so. everyone go check out @LoudBrndStudios.”

Kylie has left no comment on Costello’s slam.















By: Lola Joseph
Images:  Kylie Jenner,  Page Six and Daily Mail