Kate Is Perfection – In Admiration Of Princess Kate

She is sophisticated, classy and she is living every little girl’s dream of becoming a Princess. Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, is a British icon, and a worldwide name. Her transition from a regular woman to one of the focal members of the royal family is mind-blowing, but her elegance and grace tells no lie – she is the perfect princess.

Married to the grandson of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth,Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth, Kate and William met during their time at St Andrews University, although she has admitted that she had lusted after Will for a long time before that. On the 29th of April 2011 they got married, in a ceremony watched by the world. Her highly anticipated wedding dress overcame the phenomenal expectations and excitement that the white gown held. Designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, the lace appliqué bodice and skirt fell perfectly on Kate, combined with the air of simple reliability that she brings. However, as much focus that Kate had on herself, twice as much was drawn to her younger sister Pippa, and that derriere.

Fast forward four years and the two have created an idealistic, picture perfect family. Prince George Louis Alexander, turning two years old this July, and the newly born Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Both in line for the throne behind Prince Charles and William himself, the arrival of both children has made worldwide history. For both occasions, Kate was taken to London’s St. Mary’s Hospital and emerged from both, looking impeccably beautiful and flawless, despite being in labour only hours before. When she and Will left the hospital after George’s birth, Kate wore a pale blue and white spotted dress, paying a noble tribute to Will’s mother, the late Princess Diana, who wore a similar dress after Williams birth. After Charlotte’s birth, Kate wore an appropriately spring-themed white and yellow floral dress, greeting the awaiting crowd with the joyful smile of a new mother.

In becoming a new Princess, Kate became an international figure and icon for sophisticated fashion, almost overnight. Her outfits are prestigious yet fashionable, and her collection of cocktail dresses worn over the past four years are enough to make any girl weep in royal jealousy. One of her most iconic and memorable looks comes from the royal blue Issa dress worn for her and William’s engagement announcement. The adored and fashion following design sparked a phenomenon across the United Kingdom, unknowingly creating a ‘little blue dress’ trend that every royal admirer jumped aboard within days.

Although always dressing in an appropriate manner, following the royal decorum to the exact degree, Kate’s most risky outfit to date comes in the shape of the pale blue Jenny Packham dress Kate wore to an event at The Natural History Museum. While the drop of the dress on its tail covers modesty, the short front of the skirt is possibly the highest hemline we have ever seen on the Princess.

However, more often Kate opts for more traditionally regal dresses that a woman like myself could only dream of wearing on a day-to-day basis. Favourites here include the high street L.K. Bennett blue and white poppy dress that Kate wore on a busy day to the Royal Australian Air Force Base in Amberley, or the crystal white hoop detail dress she donned to a reception at Government House, by Texas-born designer Lela Rose. Both these looks combined create the classic ‘Kate Middleton’ style. The L.K Bennett dress is a simple representation of her traditional style, with a neat cut and sophisticated design. However, the Lela Rose pattern brings forward a more fun and playful side to her outfits, while still keeping her regal front for her appearances.

As a woman who travels the world, visiting charities and causes from Australia to Africa, taking her time and making sure that she enlightens every person she speaks to, Kate has a front to put up, and a smile to be painted on her face nearly twenty-four seven. The variety of outfits and looks she has for each and every different event appears to be just as beautiful as the one before it, but Kate isn’t opposed to recycling an old outfit here and there.

The gold Alexander McQueen dress – a clear favourite designer of hers – that Kate was spotted wearing at the Buckingham Palace garden party in early 2014 was also worn back in 2012, when she attended the St Paul’s Jubilee Service in honour of her husband’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. While the recycling of an outfit once every two years seems extravagant to the regular people to the country, for royalty it was a matter that was destined to be discussed. Just another signal towards her favouritism to Alexander McQueen, one of her preferred designers when high street shops such as L.K Bennett and Karen Millan don’t do her justice.

By Lola Joseph
Images Getty Images