JLO’s Iconic Versace Dress In Sneakers

The Iconic Versace gown worn by Jennifer Lopez to the 2000 Grammy Awards has become a thing we can wear on our feet. It’s called the chunky sneakers. Contemporary street-wear brand Concepts partnered with Versace to create a limited-edition Chain Reaction sneaker that channels the revealing gown. The plunging semi-sheer gown in jungle green that cemented J.Lo as a fashion icon was pretty risqué back then but plunging semi sheer gowns has become a common thing now in 2019. We’re now getting the chance to relive that important moment in fashion history on our feet.

The kicks feature a similar print to J.Lo’s showstopping dress also in jungle green. A pair is said to set you back $1,075. To all sneaker-heads or anyone still obsessed with chunky sneakers will be willing to shell out the dough. It’s the chunky sneaker trend season, so go ahead and embrace your inner J.Lo. The sneakers are available at Concepts’ Boston and New York City stores and on the brand’s site.