David And Victoria Beckham Are Donating £1m To Ukraine

David And Victoria Beckham Donated To Ukraine

The horrific images coming out of Ukraine and the news of the war going on between Russia and Ukraine makes most of us very sympathetic with a hunger to help. From the government’s help, people protesting against the lost lives and bloodshed, to donating items to help the refugees. Celebrities are also not backing down in helping these innocent drops of blood, many celebrities around the world have been donating some of their money to those in need, including information being passed on by health professionals to educate pregnant women in labor on how to deliver their babies on their own.

According to Grazia, Victoria and David Beckham are amongst the celebrities to donate to help the victim of the war. It was reported they gave £1 million to UNICEF’s Ukraine emergency appeal. David Beckham encouraged his social media followers (71.3 million) to join his family and UNICEF in helping the victims of the Ukraine war.

He said in his post: ‘

Mothers forced to flee with their children. Families torn apart. Children taken from their beds to become refugees overnight. As the conflict in #Ukraine enters its second week, the needs of families are escalating and 7.5m children are now at risk.

Today, on International Women’s Day, my 7 Fund for @UNICEF is setting up an Emergency Appeal to help provide immediate aid to support children’s wellbeing, including medical supplies and safe spaces for families.

Please join me in supporting UNICEF in its vital work on the ground and give what you can. Thank you.

Link to donate in my bio.


The post made also included a video of David Became giving a speech and encouraging us all to help those caught in this crisis: Checkout the video here

Victoria and David Beckham are amongst the celebrities to have helped in donating to help Ukraine, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Gigi Hadid, Lee Young e.t.c. have all donated from $1million and some even set up a fundraiser that has raised a total of $18,166,500 for Ukraine.

You can join these A-list celebrities to help the victims of the war in Ukraine here: UNICEF Ukraine


By  Lola Joseph