Celebrities’ Best Friends



For everyone else, a BFF stands for Best Friends Forever, but for these celebs, they are Best Fashion Friends. These celebrities are redefining what friends are for; not just a shoulder to cry on for when tough times persist, but to help each other score top points when they walk down that red carpet. We compiled some of the best celebrity fashion BFFs that’s just too adorable to miss.


Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss

Both are tall, gifted and beautiful and could even pass off as twinsies. Besties Karlie and Taylor are Instagram darlings, with both racking an impressive number of followers thanks to their adorable Instagram snaps. From attending the Met Gala and making appearances on the Victoria Secret runway together, these two are Tumblr magnets for many to have #relationshipgoals like these two. Their most recent girlfriend collaboration to date? Scoring a Vogue cover altogether.







Zac Posen and Coco Rocha

The two met about 8 years ago when Coco was walking Zac Posen’s show. That entry caught Zac’s attention, and Coco has since been his muse. This wonderful friendship had spawned many collaborations between the two, with Coco even enlisted her BFF to help design the most important dress of her life: her wedding dress



Kim Kardashian and Ricardo Tisci

It helps when you have the best of friends as a designer for the house of Givenchy. Kim and Ricardo’s friendship were brought forward thanks to hubby Kanye West. This divine introduction has revealed to be Kim’s most fashionable and Ricardo’s most bankable friendship yet. From attending Givenchy



Katy Perry and Rihanna

Together, they have multimillion dollar hit sales from their albums, and they also make a rather interesting pair to watch when they are out partying. Rihanna and Katy Perry apparently first bonded over a purse (a Valentino one) and sharing a passion in fashion, both are often seen attending awards shows together and haunt after parties in designer frocks. Known for their crazy party antics and outrageous fashion choices, these two friends have also extended their love outside of work too. Rihanna was selected as Maid of Honour for Katy’s wedding with Russell Brand.



Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid

Love it or hate it, fashion’s two newest darlings are taking over the catwalks of Fashion Weeks and also the hearts of fashion Tumblr lovers everywhere. They are gorgeous and are muses of a number of top-tier designers, Gigi and Kendall are often seen paired together on the catwalk while they strut their stuff. Their dreamy Instagram photos capture an envious lifestyle that many fans would have adored to have with their own besties. Snapped frequently attending fashion parties together in designer wears, they’re both also seen holidaying together; even joined by the likes of Selena Gomez, Cody Simpson in Dubai for New Year’s Eve last year.




Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora

The Brit darlings are fearless in their fashion choices and their public persona, which makes them an irresistible pair to watch. Though both are in different sectors of their field of work, one unifying factor of fashion ties them both together. Cara’s cheeky antics matched with Rita’s daring attitude on the red carpet are magnetic to watch as their loud personalities make for an entertaining display compared to other celebrities. You can find them making funny faces, pulling pranks and playful chops on the red carpet while dazzling in Chanel and Moschino, naturally.



Kate Moss and Stella McCartney

How lucky are these two fashion royalties? Kate, an icon and supermodel extraordinaire walked for friend’s Stella’s graduation show in 1995 and has become the closest of friends ever since. This dream team of model/designer has sparked many collaborations; from Kate fronting her brand to partying hand-in-hand a Glastonbury, the beautiful partnership is only bound to breed great things together from the two iconic British fashion queens.



Alexa Chung and Poppy Delevingne

Their love for one another is always displayed on Instagram in typical silly girly things you would do with your own pal, but of course not in a setting like these two, where they cavort in award shows and with other famed celebrity friends. As fashion icons, they are two peas in a pod; both sharing passion in style and are often plucked by major designers as a muse or face of their brands. Seeing them both at events are a treat, as the pair are always seen clutched to each other in their flawless style and elegance.



Text by: Haida Yusof
Edited by: Anne-Isabelle Saint-Pierre