Anti-Aging Foundations

It’s good to know that your skin looks even better after you’ve taken off your makeup, a foundation  l will define in my own word- is keeping your face oil free and intact all they long is a very good foundation. It even gets better when it fights off the signs of aging, let your skin breathe and smear free.

Getting the perfect base gets trickier as you get older. because our skin becomes more vulnerable with age so it requires different foundation. The good news is  that more and more brands are focusing on infusing their formulas with anti-aging botanicals. SPF, natural ingredients, new and better formulas. So we don’t need not to worry about finding that perfect foundation any more as there are many options out there, that will cover your flaws while enhancing your complexion.

Check them out below:

Estée Lauder

Giorgio Armani Beauty



Bobbi Brown

Charlotte Tilbury














By Lola Joseph
Images: Estee Lauder, Bobbi brown, Nordstrom, Feelunique, Charlotte Tilbury, Amazon, Armani Beauty