Alec Baldwin Shops At Vermont Amidst His On Set Shooting Incident

Alec Baldwin With his wife

A week after the shooting of a cinematographer and injuring his movie director with an improperly loaded prop gun when on the set of the Western ‘Rust’ in New Mexico, Alec Baldwin was spotted in Vermont USA.

The actor was seen at Manchester center’s Polo by Ralph Lauren outlet store wearing a plaid woven shirt paired with penny loafers and a surgical mask. He was seen driven by his wife Hilaria around the town with a shaved beard. The beard which he had grown for the shooting of the film, which can simply mean the production of the movie has been postponed while the investigation is going on.

The 63 years was seen with a hunched-over posture with his head down and at a point covering his face with his hand. The update about this shooting is said to be blamed on the assistant director Dave Halls who admitted that he should have checked all the .45 long colt prop gun before giving the weapon to Baldwin.

The only reservation about this whole scenario is that how can live bullets ever made it onto a movie set? the weapon that is described as a prop gun(which can be understood as a real revolver but with no real bullets), and a dead movie director that was described as injured when announced, and by the way, the injured movie director is dead from the injury of the shooting incident. Which leaves many questioning the innocence in this issue.


By Lola Joseph
Image Courtesy: Splash News