Will I Ever Wear A Pair of Jeans Again?!

Wearing a pair of fitted denim jeans has been nothing but a daydream than a reality I once experienced. Most of my days, I wore loose baggy tops, sports bras, leggings or joggers for nearly a year now and it is the most comfortable piece of clothing in my wardrobe, ranging from all shades of blacks, blues and greys.

However, it does feel like a culture shock because I practically did everything in my denim trousers. We mooched around the shops together, grabbed a tea together while I waited for a friend to arrive on a day out to the park, we rode on the train and buses together, attending social gatherings. You could say we had a mutual relationship together. I made sure it fit well and wore the right size. It promised to fit snug and perfect along with my frame. It was a relationship I will never forget.

Since the new Lockdown rules, I start to realise, will I ever wear my jeans again, will I ever match it up the classic staple with a nice pair of boots. That is the dilemma that runs through my head.
Back in the days, when getting up in the morning and rushing out to work was just a daily routine, throwing on a pair of comfortable jeans was the norm. Matching it well with a woollen asymmetric jumper, massive silver hoop earrings, warm socks and the chunkiest leather boots you could find in your wardrobe was a look that much well with my jeans regardless of colour. They can go with everything.
Any woman would agree and say they own a pair of snug fit jeans in their wardrobe, it could high-rise, low-rise, regular, skinny fit, flare, boy cut but at this point, I have no doubt they are thinking the same thing, how long will it feel normal until we are back in our jeans again, that is the question?

My jeans collection is folded neatly in the coldest, dark climate of the back of my wardrobe. Has not been picked up or tried on, probably gathering up dust as we speak whereas as my joggers and leggings are front row and centre stage waiting for me to do another catwalk pose as I slide open the door of walking-in wardrobe every morning.

Whilst following the rules, regulations and keeping safe, wearing any form of jeans is the last thing you want to put on. You need to be at ease and comfortable, but at the same time, I cannot deny, I do miss the occasional dressing in jeans, boots and admiring the way it captures my shape in my mirror. When a woman has the right size and the perfect fit, the fabric is moulded to her shape perfectly that you are ready to get up and go.

WFH life is the norm for us all, however to some of us from an office environment, it has allowed us to be freer, no need to get up and put on any jeans or outside clothing if necessary. At the same time, my cosy loungewear has been my champion of extreme comfort. Although some of us may have had zoom meetings scheduled, we have also experienced our fair share of virtual gatherings and conference meetings last year. To have the right attire, you would need a smart casual top with the bottom of half is the homely attire of feeling good. There is no need to do a fashion show in the morning whilst getting hot and flushed, trying to get an outfit prepared and ready for work.

I want to believe my jeans will eventually be worn again and find its way back to me, enjoying the pleasures of the great outdoors and reminiscence the time when I was jeans girl.



By Charlene Foreman
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