Valentino Expressed Regret For Its Offensive Campaign

Valentino, an italian luxury brand has finally apologised for its offensive campaign. According to business of fashion, a recent campaign that was released by Valentino which is now been taken down after the Japanese Netizens critised the campaign as blasphemous disrespect to the Japenese culture.

The campaign featured Mitsuki Kimura also known as Koki – a Japanese model and a songwriter standing in heels on a peice of fabric that looks like an Obi/Kimono sash, Kimono represents longevity and good fortune in Japenese culture. The netizens rejected the placement of the sash on the ground and stomped on by a  model in heels.

“The fabric resembles the Japanese traditional obi and Maison Valentino deeply apologises for any offence caused,” said a spokesperson  who emphasised the brand’s commitment to “nurturing a culture of equality and inclusion on a global scale.”

The campaign also featured models like  Korean actress Son Ye-jin and Chinese actress Guan Xiaotong which according to Valentino,  it’s a celebration of global connection, communities and cultures.

Son Ye-jin in Valentino’s DI.VAs campaign. Valentino.



By Lola Joseph
Images: Valentino