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How To Transform Your Home From Fall Decor To Spring Decor

As the new season has emerged, we also need to redecorate how homes to be fit for the new season. Spring season calls for colours, and these can come in the form of accent pillows(cushions), wall arts e.t.c. Organizing your home can be a stressful and daunting task but if you learn to take it a step at a time, it can be a relatively stress-free task.

The first to step to reorganizing your home is to always start from your living room, dinning room, then to your kitchen, bedrooms will be next and finally other little area of the you home. These can be done over a week to 2 weeks depending your coping mechanism.

When it comes to redecorating your living area, you can start by rearranging your sofas. Move the accent chairs to another side of the living area to give it a fresh look, add new cushions, throws, new wall arts, new lamps, and these can be the ones you used from last seasons or new ones if you’re new to this and can afford new ones. Adding a centre carpet will also give your home a new look, adding new ornaments and mirror to your console table is also a good way to refresh your living area.

The coffee table can be accented with ornaments, big books, mini ottomans, candles and a decorative tray to place and oragnise the ornaments and candles while your dinning chairs can be changed keeping the table as it is, add new placements and dinner ware on your dinning table leaving the centre of the table with flower vase filled with flower bouquet and scented candles.

When it comes to choosing the right candles always ensure you opt for the scented ones that are suitable for spring like rose, lavender, rose and vanilla, white tea and time, English Pear & Freesia e.t.c. A bouguet of fresh flowers on your console table will amp up your living area, from fresh peony to cherry blossom e.t.c. On the floor next to your console table, you can either add one or two pampas grass or go without it if it seems to be too heavy for the area. Sometime a small ottoman in the middle of the console table is enough and colour choices can range from gold, rose(nude or true), green, e.t.c and ensure it matches the shade of your cushions and so on.

The kitchen, closet and bathrooms may contain shelves and cupboards where you’ll need to take things out, clean the space, declutter by throwing or gifting unwanted items and re-organise. You will be left with free space that can be used to store wanted items. Closet may need new clothing items suitable for spring and the previous season clothing items can be tucked away. Try arranging your closet with trousers on one side, shirt in another side, just give clearance in your closet. You can add an oversized mirror on the floor, a vanity table with mirror, light and chair, wall arts and a round ottoman in the centre if you do not have a cabinet  in the centre of your closet.

The kitchen can have fresh flowers on the centre work top or any area of the kitchen, ensure your storage jars are well organised and labelled, you can add a decorative ornament to the centre worktop or any area of your kitchen that seem fit.

For the bathroom add new mirror, candles, a decorative oranment near the window/shelves or a wall art if it’s not too much for you.

Finally the bedrooms, you can change the mattress for breathable ones that are suitable for the new season, or just flip the old one, add new sheets, new lamps on both side of the bed, new wall arts near the headboard, add a new bench ottoman at the footbaord of the bed. Don’t forget your accent pillows(exra Large cushions), let the shade match the theme of your home decor, add a new carpet or just clean the old one, you can change the mirror or decors around the console table and don’t forget to add your spring scented candles.

Don’t forget to start slowly, organise one room at time, put on some good music, invest in storage solution and think creatively. Here are some decorative items to get you started:


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By Lola Joseph
Images: Wayfair, Swoon, Amazon, Dunelm, Made, Swarovski, Shein and Jo Malone
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