Trending Streetstyle Looks From Paris Fall’22 Haute Couture Fashion Week

Street looks at paris fall 22 haute courture fashion week

The lockdown is close to being over and the fashion week street style is back. Streetstyle during fashion week is where you can spot what’s trending within the fashion community or sometimes what’s about to become a trend. Fashion lovers all over the world gather in one place to celebrate fashion week and designs.

At Paris Fall’21/22 Haute Couture fashion week street style, leopard prints in the form of accessories, skirts, dresses, and so on are still a trend. The leopard print trend does look like it’s going anywhere, it’s become a fashion staple in our wardrobe all year round.

Blazers are another spotted trend on the street style of Paris haute couture fashion week, blazers in oversized silhouettes, there were bold colours in pastels and neons, layering, mini bags, string sandals, plaids, tweed, cashmere, checkerboard prints in form of bags, sweaters, and coords look. There were also chunky pieces of jewelry and bold square sunglasses.

Silk scarves are another spotted trend, some wrapped them around their neck, head, and chest. Wide-leg trousers are another trend that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon. There were wet-look leather looks in skirts, trousers, jackets e.t.c.

In the shoe realm, flats, clogs, loafers, sneakers, mules, mary janes, ankle boots, kitten heels, pumps e.t.c all reigned supreme during the haute couture fashion week. The shorts, bralettes, sheer skirts, and silk skirts, cropped and belted blazers aren’t missing too.

Check them out below:


By Lola Joseph