Think Pink: Why Pink Hair Is The Hottest Hair Hue For 2019


From flamingo to fuschia, this is how to go pink .

Pink hair hue surprisingly falls into the category of some trends that are here to stay.

While the technicolour dye job’s popularity in the capital had all the makings of a passing fad — and the volume of slime green and Smarties-blue barnets are still in the minority — bubblegum-tinged tresses have refused to fade and over time have become the new norm, accepted in polite society as more of a millennial licence than a radical statement.

If 2019 is the year you’ve decided to take the plunge into peony, know that there’s more to pink than you might think.

From bubblegum to blush blonde and flamingo to fuchsia, we  offer a comprehensive how-to guide to the new fuchsia classics.

1. Standing at the door of the pink flamingo

Keeping a freshly bleached root and having the mid-lengths to ends coloured in a light but vivid pink is the key.

To get this look, a semi-permanent colour in Odd Fuchsia dilute it with a vitamin-rich conditioner for a subtly washed-out yet still vibrant shade.

We suggest styling straight with a side-parted quiff over the eye. “It sets off the look, as you can clearly see the creamy blonde root.”

2. Liquorice all sort

Here, bleach the front section and colour it with a mix of colour in Odd Fuchsia and Lavender Vida Loca for a perfect pink/purple hue. Mixed against the dark curls, it looks super-striking.

3. Strawberry milkshake

Afro hair can be bleached but caution and a trip to the salon is always advised. To achieve a frothy, warm pink shade, reminiscent of milkshake bubbles, bleached the hair gently to a light blonde, making sure to add an anti-breakage additive into the bleach to protect the hair.

A Smoky Rosé semi-permanent colour completes the look and “works perfectly with the softness of the curls”.

4. Shrinking violet

If your hair is naturally ice-white — like London-based model Jordan Charles — experimentation is a straightforward affair. Use a natural vegetable dye, spray it into the hair and rinse straight out with water and no fear of staining. Charles’s “gorgeous grey-toned violet” can be created with a violet-hued colour and a mix of amino acids for a hit of hydration.

5. Pink suede

“Even the shortest of hair can go pink. Using a colour in Smoky Rosé, you can create a texture of pink suede on a grade-one shaved head. Close-shaved hair can be bleached to achieve a cool colour result — it’s a fuzzy pink effect and we love it.

6. My Little Peony

Can be created using no fewer than three different pinks, Odd Fuchsia, Rose Gold and Rosé. Apply in sections to give the effect of highlighted colour.

It’s a way of using traditional techniques with modern pinks, and  there’s only one way to wear it — “when the high pony goes up, the mix of shades shines through”.

7. A rose gold between two thorns

For blondes who want to have some fun with pink without full commitment, try rose gold — a soft strawberry-blonde blush that is among the most requested tones in salons.

“Creating that perfect gentle mix of yellow-toned pink is easy with a Rose Gold colour, which provides a light, even finish.”

8. Peach Bellini

On an untoned yellow base, you can achieve a peachier tone using a Rose Gold Colour while still having a note of flattering pink.

This Peach Bellini hue lives up to its name with its fuzzy soft blush and touch of champagne to finish. Combine with the right cut, it’s the cooler way to wear a pink shade.


By Lola Joseph