The Best Way To Get Your 5 A day.

Getting in the right amount of nutrient into your body does not have to be a mundane task, five variety of fruits, and vegetables are the best way of getting your 5 a day. It was an old saying that says an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but the new modern saying is eating 5 variety of fruits and vegetable a day keeps the doctor a way.

What are i’m trying to arrive at? The point is that we sometimes get bored of eating the same fruits and Vegetable so lets switch it up a little bit by turning your favourite vegetables to soup, Yes Soup!

These delicious and nutritious
stews and soups provide your
daily dose of vegetables in one fell
swoop, says Xanthe Clay

‘Beautiful soup,” sang the Mock Turtle, “so rich, so green, waiting in a hot tureen.” Soup is simple, cheap and nourishing, of course, but it’s more than that. There is something about eating from a spoon that is infinitely pampering, mothering and soothing, and who couldn’t do with a bit more of that? Plus, if you make it right, soup is a great vehicle for packing in your five-a-day vegetable quotient.

By Lola Joseph