Skin Fasting – The New Beauty Wellness

After vacationing, you’re probably back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Weather, you traveled to the tropical Island or headed to Paris for Summer, your skin needs to go on holiday too. It’s called skin fasting, where your skin can take a break from all the Vitamin C serums and hyaluronic acid products.

The new and best wellness trend you can give your skin is to take a break from it all as your skin has regenerative properties that can take care of itself. Our morning toning rituals, serums, k-beauty products, and peel-off masks are all expensive and we’re not saying using them is all in vain but putting all your beauty products in line up will give your skin the benefits it needs.

Skin fasting also encourages your complexion to produce its own natural oils, which are often stripped when you over-cleanse or get a little exfoliation happy. The best you can give your skin is to let it renew itself even if you’re committed to a clean beauty routine? Free from junks, vegan, pagan, cruelty free and so on..when abstinence for a while is all you need and will give your skin the benefits it needs.

Give this wellness trend a try and thank us later, check out the easy tips below useful:

How Does It Work?

Start from where you are i.e Start small. Put a week to a month aside to let your skin unwind and recover.

Start the Night Before

Start the Night Before

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Drink a lot of water during your fasting to help get rid of toxins in the body. Apply an overnight water mask the night before your fast to make sure your skin stays hydrated.

Work Out a Sweat

Work out to aid blood flow within your body. Exercise increases blood flow to your skin, which will help your skin replenish itself.

Keep Oil Under Control

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Keeping terry towels for days of excess oil production from work out and natural cause will help If you have oily skin. Keep a stash of gentle cloths to absorb the extra oil your skin produces. The cloths will also help remove any dirt and debris.

Sleep Naked

While you catch some rest, try going to bed without your night-time creams and serums a couple of days a week. That way your skin can start producing its natural oils while you catch some zzzs.