Richard Quinn SS’23 Ready To Wear Collection

Richard Quinn SS'23 Collection

The Spring Summer 2023 London Fashion Week concluded and it concluded with the Richard Quinn SS’23 collection. The show is known to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II who is known to be Quinn’s fan when she attended its Autumn Winter 2018 fashion show, not only that, was also awarded by the late Queen as the inaugural winner of the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design.

The late Queen is known for her grace and kindness, and Quinn is one of those who enjoyed that from her in her era. Despite the United Kingdom celebrating the special life lost (The Queen) and the new era of life gained (The King), the show must go on, Quinn said: “We decided to keep working until it became clear what the best thing to do was,”  remembering the queen attending his show back in 2018 he continued by saying: “I think that’s how everyone first came across my work!”

With a nod to her majesty, Quinn opened its fashion show with a series of all-black style looks and the archive footage of the  Queen’s coronation put on display as the model strolled down the runway, all wearing what is not a standardised fashion, something a high profile monarch like the Queen will go for on her coronation day which I can simply say all women. I see these looks on 2023 red carpets of Met Gala, Oscars, Emmy’s e.t.c. and for commoners like us, I see these looks on special occasions like weddings, cocktails, dinners, and evening events.

Quinn dressed his models in latex (boot leggings and gloves), dresses, gowns, florals, oversized hats, bold colours, oversized silhouettes, head-to-toe floral print onesies, frocks, boots, lace, crowns, belted coats, head scarfs, ballooned shoulders that started from the chest up, there were also bodysuits with ballooned shoulders paired with thigh boots, patent pumps e.t.c.

The final look was a bridal look with an edge, very vintage and different with a stunning pair of mesh open-toe heels.

Discover the Reichard Quinn Spring Summer 2023 collection below: