Reformation Debuts 90’s Minimalist Handbag Collection

Reformation Debuts 90's Minimalism Handbag Collection

Reformation, an American clothing brand whose focus is on fashion and sustainability, has just launched a collection of vintage handbags that channels the 90’s minimalism or in other words put as ‘Queit Luxury’.

There are three bags in the collection, the first will be the Chiara bag, a convertible shoulder bag that comes in Medium(£448.00), Mini(£278.00) sizes with a geometric shape and can be converted into a top hand pouch. We also have the Victoria bag, a tote bag that comes in oversize(£785.00) and small (£448.00) sizes with a slouchy asymmetrical design. The third in the collection will be the Rosetta bag a hobo shoulder bag that comes in medium(£448.00) and mini(£278.00) sizes. They all come in various colourways that range from pastels to neutrals, with different textures of leather, suede, and metallic.

According to Reformation’s general manager of product innovation, Alison Melville, “Vintage is a core design principle for Ref, and for this collection in particular we were inspired by ’90s minimalism, with a touch of the early aughts, We really want our handbags to withstand the test of time and be worn by our customers for years to come, so we focused on timeless shapes and clean lines. There is definitely a sense of quiet luxury throughout.”

Discover the bag collection below:

Reformation Debuts 90's Minimalism Handbag Collection