Orange Lipstick! Turquoise Hair! Taylor Swift

Taylor swift has been talking to us about trend nowadays in her music videos, the first her pastel power suting music video called ‘Me!’ which has proved to us that we can wear our suits(Androgyne Trend) in any colour (pastel) and not only to work but on red-carpet as well.
Now the new trend in the beauty department, turquoise hair, orange lipstick and blonde with red tip in her new music video called ‘You Need To Calm Down’. Who says you can’t match your lipstick with your hair? well, Katty Perry did in this music video, and who says you can’t add a little bit of ‘rock n roll’ to that girl next door in you well Taylor Swift did in this music video with the blonde hair and red tip.
There were many celebrities like Katty Perry, the Queer Eye five host – Ryan Reynolds, Laverne Cox, Ellen Degeneres, Serena Williams who was in Balmain all brought their ‘A game in their beauty looks..
Taylor Swift changed her hair colours many times,  in slushy pink, blue , and kaleidoscope purple which reminds of a circus. The video was a food themed video with  fabulous makeup looks, including the water colour beauty look trend- a turquoise eye shadow and red lip combo. Laverne Cox in a big blowy hair, Jonathan Van Ness in a crystal crown.  Overall, it was a beauty trend video hidden in a food circus..Taylor Swift new Music video is available on Taylor swift VEVO YouTube channel.

Lola Joseph